Citations for Norway—The Best Business Directories

Norway! Everybody’s favorite frigid utopia is a wonderful place to do some business. Do business better with our curated collection of citations. If you’re new to the idea of these little tools, you’re in luck, because you’re about to discover a very powerful way to handle your marketing that you can do all by yourself—unless you want us to do it for you, of course.

A citation is any instance of your name, address or phone number. You could drop these anywhere, but the best place to drop them is usually a top Norwegian business directory. When you leave your listings on these sites, you can expect them to be stable, and not disappear randomly. When enough of them are filled out, you can usually expect some powerful local results.

Here is our list of the best citation sources in Norway. Stay tuned after the list to learn a bit more about building them the right way.

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There’s a right way and a wrong way to build out citations. If you’re half-assing it, you’re probably just wasting time in the end. The most effective profiles, based on our testing, are those that include the most information. At the very least, never leave out your name address and phone number. If you can include more information than that, you should. A website is certainly an addition that pays dividends when people come to visit your profile.

A successful citation building strategy also focuses on building as many of these little buggers as possible, on quality sites anyway. The number of Norwegian directories we’ve provided you with will give you a really strong start, but you can do even better by finding more.