The Best Citation Sources and Directories for Dutch Businesses

If you want to start selling to the Dutch, our list should make it easy on you. We’ve done work for a lot of clients who wanted us to help them build citations in the Netherlands, and that work has left us with a very high-performing list of directories. Using this list, you should be able to very easily begin ranking pages that are based in Belgium.

If you’re new to building citations, our list is simply the names the most authoritative business directories in the Netherlands. By creating profiles that exploit your NAP (name, address, phone number) and your website address, you can very quickly improve the authority of your own website. All you’ll need to do to take advantage of this list is create profiles on each of these websites, and then wait for the results.

After you’ve looked over our list, you may want to explore the tips at the bottom. We’ll tell you some of the things we’ve learned about selling in the Netherlands.

The Best Citation Sources in the Netherlands

Website NameAdd Business LinkDAFREE?Trust FlowCitation Flow
KompassSubmit Business69NO1917
go4 WorlbusinessSubmit Business44YES613
AngolINFOSubmit Business56YES1610
NetherlandSeekSubmit Business32YES2533
CylexSubmit Business43YES3540
ImportersSubmit Business44YES3033
YellohoSubmit Business16YES034
YalwaSubmit Business47YES3029 Business49YES2923
Link ExplorerSubmit Business56NO3642
GoedBeginSubmit Business64YES4134
Gratis AdviseursSubmit Business40YES2743
B9.nlSubmit Business61YES5948
Prima linkSubmit Business34NO2418
Link-NedSubmit Business48YES2117
YelpSubmit Business50YES3232
de telefoongidsSubmit Business75-6252
HotfrogSubmit Business46YES3737
OpendiSubmit Business47YES4171
MisterWHatSubmit Business34YES3732
TuugoSubmit Business21YES2723
BizIN EuropeSubmit Business31YES1212
LocantoSubmit Business31YES2424
BizadeeSubmit Business42YES416
TupaloSubmit Business26YES2752
PRLOG BusinessSubmit Business85YES2115

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The Netherlands is a great place to sell a lot of items. It’s not going to be a problem if you don’t speak Dutch. While you’re going to perform better with citations in Dutch, you won’t find too many business directories that are strict about submitting in Dutch.