Building Citations in Austria

Building citations is a crucial part of competing on local results, and our curated list of the best business directories for Austria will give you everything you need to build the best possible.

Our reach has been global from the moment we first opened, so we’ve had many opportunities to work with customers in Austria. While doing everything we could for them, we were able to figure out which business directories performed better than the others.

What we’ve provided for you below is a list of citations that we’ve actually used for our customers. It doesn’t contain all of our directories, or the new directories we add weekly for many countries, but it should be just the right size to help you begin your own citation building strategy.

Using Our Austrian Citation Sources

To make it easy for you to navigate through our citations sources, we’ve gathered them together into a helpful list. The links will take you to the homepage for each of these directories, but the “add business link” takes you directly to the registration page if you want to save more time.

Launching your strategy is as easy as registering at each of the directories that you’re given. Once you’ve created a new listing for your business at each result, you should begin to see some serious improvement in your local rankings. If you need more, we may be able to help.

Website LinkAdd Business LinkDAFREE?Trust FlowCitation Flow
AcompioSubmit Business22?1316
BizinSubmit Business27YES00
KompassSubmit Business67YES2118
WowCitySubmit Business49YES721
Go 4 World BusinessSubmit Business38YES05
YellowSubmit Business40YES037
Austria Business DirectorySubmit Business45YES1216
PRLOGSubmit Business84YES3840
Austria YPSubmit Business17YES022
City LocalSubmit Business16?519
EurobizdirectorySubmit Business20NO419
GluballySubmit Business1YES00
Yellow PagesSubmit Business14?1619
BisnesSubmit Business15YES00
USE DirectorySubmit Business16YES2223
Wir Lieben BranchenSubmit Business22YES1318
Bestattungen-OesterreichSubmit Business19?1626
BizHDSubmit Business14NO1823
Biz YellowPageSubmit Business20NO2323
Branchen KlickSubmit Business15YES1124
Business AustriaSubmit Business24YES3734
Business RegionalSubmit Business15YES86
Cylex OesterreichSubmit Business40YES2842
dasBranchenbuchSubmit Business26?3222
Firman ABCSubmit Business45YES4246
Gelbes BranchenbuchSubmit Business11YES00
Gemeinde AusstellungSubmit Business46?2127
HeroldSubmit Business69YES6250
Info AustriaSubmit Business20YES019
MeineanzeigenSubmit Business82YES1929
MisterWHatSubmit Business28YES3333
NU1Submit Business20YES928
PZESubmit Business26YES1423
RegionaleSubmit Business28YES00
StadtbranchenbuchSubmit Business46YES2822
TelaustriaSubmit Business29YES2639
TuugoSubmit Business22YES1524
UnternehmensauskunftSubmit Business28YES2024
WegdamitSubmit Business35YES2636
YalwaSubmit Business56YES4138
Yellow MapSubmit Business53?4639
WKO FirmenSubmit Business87?4941

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Using Austrian Directories Correctly

You may find this section helpful if you’ve never built citations in Austria. Here are some tips to getting the most out of your efforts…

  1.       Build as many citations as possible

This list might take you a while to complete, but you’ll want to invest the time anyway. In fact, you should be looking for new citations to add every week once you’ve finished with these.

  1.       Provide as much information as you can

Usually, only the directories that insist on payment will allow links back to your website. They may also allow you to provide other helpful information for your customers. If you find any opportunities to do it for free, you should take them.

  1.       Focus on absolute accuracy

Make sure everything you register is completely accurate. Some directories aggregate from others, and if you enter the wrong information into one, the bad information can be spread to dozens of other places. Citation cleaning may be necessary to recover your position in local results if this happens.