The Best Citation Sources and Directories for Belgian Businesses

Belgium is a great market, hungry for a lot of online goods. We get a surprising number of requests for citation building in this country, and that may be why we have such a rich list of business directories for this smaller nation. The following list should be very useful to you if you want to start building citations in Belgium.

Our citation sources are easy to use. All you need to do is create profiles on each of the following Belgian business directories. Not all of them will be free, but you can often get good results even without the paid options if you’re on a budget.  When you’ve had a chance to look over it, see our tips for working in Belgium at the end.

The Best Citation Sources in Belgium

Website NameAdd Business LinkDAFREE?Trust FlowCitation Flow
Web WatchSubmit Business49-612
g04 Wordbusiness.comSubmit Business44YES414
Belgium Business DatabaseSubmit Business45NO1216
BusinessSeek.comSubmit Business33YES2533
Amcham BelgiumSubmit Business44NO4632
KompassSubmit Business69NO62
Belgium YPSubmit Business14YES020
Golden PagesSubmit Business53YES5146
White PagesSubmit Business35YES3834
BelgianBusiness DirectoriesSubmit Business31YES1212
Belgium.netSubmit Business27YES2125
YelpSubmit Business49YES1823
goudengidsSubmit Business83YES5954
OpendiSubmit Business44YES4069
CylexSubmit Business45YES3239
YalwaSubmit Business41YES2724
BizadeeSubmit Business42YES416
TrivagoSubmit Business43-4643
Starpagina.beSubmit Business55YES2522
pagesblanches.beSubmit Business37YES1218
recherche.beSubmit Business38YES3531
Pages VertesSubmit Business32YES2623
DmozSubmit Business32YES2621

Search BelgiumSubmit Business53YES4138
annuaire-mons.beSubmit Business30YES3026
KrawlaSubmit Business38NO2127
ECO vriendelijkSubmit Business23YES819
bedrijven-vinden.beSubmit Business27YES2838
architectes.beSubmit Business25YES3428
bedrijvengids belgieSubmit Business15YES1015
TuugoSubmit Business24YES1421

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Interested in selling in Belgium? There are a couple things you’ll want to know. First, to sell best in Belgium, you’re going to need to target in French, Dutch and German, as all three languages are spoken natively in this country.

Fortunately, you can get by in just English in most cases, especially when you’re trying to sell high-end or luxury goods. Belgium is generally a good market for technology.