UK Citation Sources

There are limitless opportunities to be enjoyed in the UK’s e-commerce market. Breaking into this market from the outside can be difficult, but our list of local citations makes it a lot easier. Many clients have asked us to build citations in this leading country, and we now have a powerful collection of them that should make it easy to carve out your niche in the UK.

Our list is simple to use. Here, you can see a list of links to the UK business directories we’ve identified as the best in the region. We’ve chosen these based on how well they’ve performed based on our personal testing. To start building citations, visit each link and complete a full profile. This is going to take a while, but our team is here if you want to leave the work to someone else.

The United Kingdom’s Best Citation Sources

Website NameAdd Business LinkDAFREE?Trust FlowCitation Flow
118 InformationSubmit Business27-1318
192Submit Business71NO 6153
Bing PlacesSubmit Business35YES3944
Brown BookSubmit Business65YES3646
Business NetworkSubmit Business34YES3337
City LocalSubmit Business43YES4935
City VisitorSubmit Business57YES5748
CylexSubmit Business59YES3638
Find The NeedleSubmit Business49YES3635
FoursquareSubmit Business93YES8367
Free IndexSubmit Business78YES5749
FypleSubmit Business34YES2337
Hot FrogSubmit Business59YES2933
InfoserveSubmit Business45YES3138
Local MoleSubmit Business43YES1016
Local StoreSubmit Business32YES2734
Mister WhatSubmit Business53YES3933
Mob LocalSubmit Business16YES1123
My Local ServicesSubmit Business44YES3640
ScootSubmit Business70YES5181
Smile LocalSubmit Business50YES1323
The BestofSubmit Business61YES2731
Thomson LocalSubmit Business69YES4746
TippedSubmit Business38YES2327
Touch LocalSubmit Business58YES5576
U Find UsSubmit Business57YES5346
YellSubmit Business88YES6449
YelpSubmit Business78YES3237
OpendiSubmit Business51YES4076
Zip LeafSubmit Business22YES2423
TuugoSubmit Business30YES2529
PinbudSubmit Business27YES3534
WampitSubmit Business31YES1419
My SheriffSubmit Business42YES3133
WebSubmit Business27YES1126
Yellow LeafSubmit Business23YES2129
The Disc DirectorySubmit Business41YES4859
OdovoSubmit Business29YES3325
Local LifeSubmit Business58YES4947
BizifySubmit Business27YES1331
Euro PagesSubmit Business68YES5250
Apple GateSubmit Business54YES5439
City ListingsSubmit Business43YES3240
ButemanSubmit Business32YES1726
Business MagnetSubmit Business51YES4237
City DirectSubmit Business42YES2359
Agent LocalSubmit Business24-420
IndependentSubmit Business93YES7567
The SunSubmit Business88YES6748
Biz WikiSubmit Business68YES3030
NearSubmit Business57YES4444
Access PlaceSubmit Business48YES2929
Business ClassifiedSubmit Business 28YES720
UK LocateSubmit Business28-2634
UK Local SearchSubmit Business32YES2624
BolalistSubmit Business16YES2125
More UKSubmit Business49YES3237
UK Free DirectotySubmit Business27YES1928
Business ListSubmit Business31YES3026
DentonsSubmit Business33YES3029
The Local WebSubmit Business43YES1624
UK PlacesSubmit Business29YES2233
Where's BestSubmit Business31YES2232
118118Submit Business46-5846
Town PagesSubmit Business32-2736
Search MeSubmit Business42YES3135
View LondonSubmit Business60-5037
Viva StreetSubmit Business54YES5138
Approved BusinessSubmit Business38YES3930
BritaineSubmit Business45YES3331
BT LinksSubmit Business17YES1618
Companies In The UKSubmit Business41-1318
Local Data CompanySubmit Business42-1319
Local Data SearchSubmit Business32YES2027
Loca TradeSubmit Business19YES1317
Market LocationSubmit Business29-822
MiquandoSubmit Business29YES1324
Whose ViewSubmit Business19YES1321
UK Small Business DirectorySubmit Business64YES5247
Best Of The WebSubmit Business42NO5144

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Tips for Building in the UK

If you’re coming from Canada, the U.S. or really, any part of the commonwealth, you’re not going to find it very difficult to build citations in the UK. If English isn’t your native language, the challenges here aren’t going to be different than the challenges you’d find in other English-dominant countries.

Make sure, as you always should, that you fill out every profile completely. Leaving out any part of your NAP (Name, address and phone number) can slow down the results you want. Also, don’t skip UK business directories simply because one registration process seems more complicated than others. You want to build each and every one of these if you want to enjoy the benefits.