The Best Citation Sources and Directories for German Businesses

Building citations in Germany is simple with our list. Most of the work has already been done by our team, and you’ll just need to fill in some blanks on the top German business directories to enjoy the full effects of a professional citation building campaign. As one of the largest and wealthiest states in Europe, Germany is among the most requested countries for our services. We’ve had many opportunities to help people sell in Germany, and that has allowed us to build out an excellent list of the best business directories in Germany.

We’ve gathered those sources for you in the list that appears below. Our process involves locating as many authoritative business directories as we can for each region, and then stripping those down to the best. The “best” is exactly what you’re going to find in this list. Now that this part is done, you should be able to use it to build citations very easily. All you need to do is follow the links and start creating profiles for each one.

The list is followed by some tips for building citations in Germany.

The Best Citation Sources in Germany

Website NameAdd Business LinkDAFREE?Trust FlowCitation Flow
Gelbe SeitenSubmit Business84NO6144
PointooSubmit Business56YES2733
Stadt BranchenbuchSubmit Business80YES4868
11 88 0Submit Business70YES3434
YasniSubmit Business61YES5041
KlicktelSubmit Business84YES5841
Yellow MapSubmit Business68YES5039
Go YellowSubmit Business67YES2833
Kennst Du EinenSubmit Business66YES5241
FlixSubmit Business50 NO5635
Web 2 CylexSubmit Business76YES4950
Web.De VerzeichnisSubmit Business88-3939
YalwaSubmit Business51YES2322
AndooSubmit Business60YES3333
Blaue-BranchenSubmit Business42YES2629
Meine StadtSubmit Business78YES6246
Unternehmens AuskunftSubmit Business42YES2228
German Web DirectorySubmit Business66NO1618
ElibSubmit Business55NO3241
Web KatalogSubmit Business53NO2524
Hamburg-InternSubmit Business40-3830
Deutsche SeitenSubmit Business50YES4429
Germany Business HubSubmit Business23YES1414
Hot FrogSubmit Business55YES2327
Branchenbuch SucheSubmit Business63YES4130
Branchen OrteSubmit Business25YES1317
Branchenbuch DeutschlandSubmit Business48YES2422
Lokale AuskunftSubmit Business36YES2226
Way 2 BusinessSubmit Business47YES2224
YelpSubmit Business77YES4944
der-Weblink KatalogSubmit Business25YES1110
Simple-LinkSubmit Business23YES37
KompassSubmit Business29YES1124
TupaloSubmit Business59YES3236
LocantoSubmit Business59YES2523
Biz AdeeSubmit Business41YES818
BizinSubmit Business29YES1124

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Building citations in Germany isn’t much different than building them anywhere else. You’ll need to play close attention to each one as you’re creating them. At minimum, each citation should include the name, address and phone number of your business. Whenever you’re given the opportunity to include more information, it’s wise to do so. You want to minimize, as much as you can, the risk of being confused with another business.

While the process isn’t difficult, it can be time consuming. For the effects of a professional campaign, you’ll want to fill out as many of these citations as possible. It will take a long time, and it can be frustrating to fill out the same information over and over while working through new rules and procedures for each site. Our team can help. We offer affordable citation building packages that can be completed very quickly.