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Spam sucks. We know, because like you, we've spent months watching our valuable tracking data get hosed from all directions by an endless deluge of spam from social buttons, adult sites and other slimy sources. We got pissed—and we did something about it.

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From the Labs of Loganix

comes the most powerful spam blocker you've ever seen. Our proven system...

Info Most Powerful Spam Blocker You've Ever Seen
  • Blocks hundreds of different spammers
  • Is 97% effective on high-traffic sites
  • Targets recursive (past) spam instead of just filtering out future spam
  • Plays well with other features
  • Is updated on a weekly basis
  • features manual blacklist submissions (thanks for the help!)
  • And features EFFORTLESS analytics setup (just the click of a link!)

What People Are Saying

“This free tool quickly filters out spam bots by creating a segment in GA that ignores traffic from spammy websites.”

Brian Dean,

“I hate seeing referral spam in my reports. That is why I’m so grateful to Loganix for creating such an awesome tool that fights it.”

Tim Soulo,

NO downloads, NO permission granting necessary
NO google API key necessary, NO sharing of your personal information or clientele

Installation Analytics Spam Blocker

"Ghost & referrer spam has been frustrating our agency and clients for months. Like anything else we've created, Loganix included, we build a solution for our team, and if it's good enough, we share it with everyone - this time for free!"

Adam Steele
Loganix Founder & CEO