Premium SEO Copywriting Services for SEOs and Agencies

Be it evergreen content for a blog post, or a carefully optimized landing page, you will receive high-quality, click-driving SEO copywriting written by professionals.

nick“Loganix is a trusted partner that always delivers. These folks understand Local SEO and they prove it with their work.” Nick
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SEO Copywriters Do It Better

For years, Loganix has set the world standard in local search and defined how a page optimized for local search should look. We wrote the book on local landing pages! For the past 7 years, our SEO copywriters have produced quite literally thousands of landings pages, service pages and well-researched, optimized blog posts. We’ve written popular SEO copywriting guides! Now, for the first time, our landing pages and blog content writing services are being offered as a stand-alone product.

Replace site content that isn’t performing with newly-created business copywriting designed to attract all the attention you need. Get your content from marketing copywriters who also LIVE AND BREATHE SEO.

SEO Copywriters Do It Better

How the Perfect Page Content Comes Together

How the Perfect Page Content Comes Together

Optional keyword research is available to empower your content. Even with our basic package however, your copy will be created by an experienced SEO marketing copywriter who understands how to incorporate the best modern practices including LSI and semantically-related keywords. SEO excellence comes standard.

We’re not building your content off one template. We research your competitors to find out what’s working for top results in your industry. Then we build something even better for you.

In order to deliver content that perfectly meets your needs, we ask all of the right questions first. Each order comes with a questionnaire to make sure that the delivered content meets your exact specifications.

Order your high-performance copy now. Trust our experienced team of SEO copywriters.

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  • What’s included in each order?

    A full landing page or blog in the neighborhood of 500 words. Recommended meta titles and descriptions, as well as CTA opportunities are also included. With each order, you can request a revision if something needs to be updated.

  • What is the turnaround time?

    Turnaround is two weeks from the initial order date. Two weeks gives us enough time to bring together all the keyword research (if requested), writing and editing talent that have a part to play in your new landing page or blog.

  • Who writes your content?

    All of our content is produced in-house by college-educated digital marketing copywriters from the United States and Canada. Each one has more than 3 years’ (as much as 10 years) experience handling business and marketing copywriting, and has extensive experience with SEO & writing for search engines. We do not outsource our copywriting, so we control and take complete responsibility for the quality.

  • What industries do you work with?

    Our thorough research means we can deliver high-performance content writing services for almost any industry, but we have extensive experience with law offices, field service businesses and clinics. We’ve also written content for clients in more English-speaking countries than we can remember.

  • What do you need to know about my business to get started?

    Our questionnaire will include information such as the number of pages you’d like us to create, the types of pages, any keywords you’ve already researched for yourself, any services or special offers you’d like to plug and where you’d like the links to go. We can also showcase any lead magnets you have on the page.

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