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Ever dreamed of being featured, or written about on Forbes? NYTimes? How about Mashable? Imagine what it would be like to share that kind of validation with family, friends, and clients on Facebook one evening.

Think of the confidence you’d carry—The possibilities that would open wide when you can claim that kind of credibility. How much easier would it be to onboard clients? Pitch conferences? Convince that Tinder date to grab a coffee…Hey, we don’t judge!

This is not make believe. I have written on Inc.com, Forbes.com, Allbusiness.com, HuffingtonPost.com, and so many more. So, when I tell you it feels freakin’ awesome to get the recognition my team and I deserve, I know a little about what I am talking about.

Now forget about yourself, you selfish shellfish. Think for a moment about the reaction from your clients when you get the owner of a little air conditioning outfit in a top business publication. You’ll never slink your way to a meeting again. You’ll march your ass down to their office with pride, knowing you are the magician who is helping them cut checks, and build stacks every month. Walter White stacks! That’s the kind of feeling you used to need a prescription for.

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Let’s get into the HOW shall we?


  • 6 years, shaking virtual hands, joining groups and organizations, and reaching out to publishers and authors, brokering side deals.
  • We will send you a list of placements, you choose what you fancy, and we will reach out to our contacts. If they like the deal, we will collect payment and proceed to copywriting and provide TAT.
  • Once we have agreed on content, we will submit to publications for editorial approval, keeping you updated along the way.
  • You will be notified when the article goes live.


  • Do you accept all sites/pages?

    These are your run-of-the-mill publications. Everything will be screened. Gambling, adult and the like will be turned down immediately – sorry folks! The destination URL should be high quality, non-promotional.

  • How long does this process typically take (TAT)

    Anywhere from 1 week to 3 months. We generally have some idea of the timeline on a site-to-site basis, so we will advise the best we are able. If it were fast and 100% predictable, everyone would be able to get these.

  • What are your guarantees?

    We guarantee the link will be placed on the site you wished. If not, you owe us nothing and your payment is returned in full.

  • How are we different from other providers?

    We don’t have a single connection at each site. We often have multiple, so if one falls through (these are people after all), we have a backup. You won’t find a larger inventory of sites that are truly attainable. We are trusted by agencies far and wide, with over 6 years in the link brokering business and 1000s of orders. Our communication and support is second to none. We are a US/CDN outfit, with regular business hours, available by phone, email, skype, slack, whatever.

  • Who writes the content? Can I?

    You write it, we write it, it doesn’t matter; price is the same. Our writers are ALL US, native-english, literary and technical writers who get it right the first time—which will decrease the amount of time going back and forth with each publication.

  • Half now, half when it goes live?

    We only accept full payment. If the article does not go live within the prescribed time, we will call it off and refund you 100% of your investment.

  • Can I see a list of the sites?

    Certainly, we just don’t publish the whole list on our website. Fire us an email at orders@loganix.net and you can peruse our selection.

  • What is the price range on these?

    On the high end, you’re looking at $10k, and on the low end, $60. We have a full range of opportunities. More than 250 total. You will find something in your required niche, and price point.

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