Turkish Citations—Top Business Directories

If you’re trying to climb local listings, there aren’t many more effective ways than citation building. In fact, if you want to start climbing quickly and stay there, you should build all of the citations that you see on our list. You can skip to the list by clicking here, or read some information on how to use it.

Taking Advantage of These Business Directories

You won’t really need any instructions to build citations even if you’ve never done it before. All you’re doing is going to business directories and filling out information for the business you want to promote. It’s harder to do at great volumes, but not if someone takes the time to create a list of all the directories and corresponding links you need.

A citation is one of these listings and nothing more. At the very least, it needs to contain what we call the NAP (name, address and phone number), but it’s always a good idea to include as much information as you’re allowed.

To begin your career as a citation builder, just click each link we’ve provided below and build out a profile. It will take a long time to get all of them manually, but the results will be worth it. You can find some more information after the list about how to best use these citations.

Website NameDAFREE?Trust FlowCitation Flow
Firman Turkiye12?1618
Turkiye Rehberi35YES3938
Turkiye Firma Rehberi20YES1020
Tele Rehber38YES2830
Turk Ticaret Rehberi32?00
Turkiye Firma Sayfam21YES413
E-Turkiye Rehberi32NO417
Turkiye Dunya Medya16YES023
Turkiye Firmalar Rehberi89?015
Rehber Firma89YES619
Rehber Avrupa20YES1327
Turkiye is Rehberi89YES00
Vezir Portal19YES925
Turkiye is Rehberi21?420
Kolay Gez12NO020
Sektor Reklam22YES821
Kobi Nerede15YES016
Buyuk Firmalar Bilgi Bankasi23YES016
Haber Ankara22?1323
Reklam Kap13YES521
Altinova Rehber15?310
Turkiye Nin Portali31YES1019
Turkiye Nin En Iyi Esnaf Rehberi7YES014
Kocaeli Sehir89YES1417
Made in Turkey16YES1418
Sanal Firma16YES1128
Yell Ali24NO2124
Yapi Rehberi19YES012
Umraniye Esnaflar Rehberi19YES623
Turkiye Firma Rehberim17?721
Firma Ticaret23YES017
Turkiye Firma Rehberi15YES010
Firmani Sec6?923
Esenyurt Burada17?015
Kobi Adresi29YES3228
Firma Rehberleri22YES2924
Yellow Pages Turkiye39YES5442
Turkiye Vip Firma1YES015
Firma Bankasi18YES00

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Our Turkish Citation Builders Are Available

Our team is available if you want someone to handle the citation building for you. If you want to handle it yourself, here are some things that you should remember:

Accuracy is important: Make absolutely sure that each citation is correct. Inaccurate ones can sabotage your growth. If you find that you aren’t rising, tracking down bad citations might be the solution.

Just Keep Building: More citations is always better. You want to build more than just those we’ve included on the list, so you’ll want to be looking out for different business directories as you’re promoting your business.

Look for More Opps: Business directories aren’t the only option for citations. There are many other sources that will produce results when citations are placed.