The Best Citations for Thailand

Citation building is very helpful if you’re looking to promote a Thai business. If you need help padding your position on local results, we recommend you build as many of these citations as you can. You can skip right to the list if you know what you’re doing, or take advantage of some background info you might find helpful.

Putting our Citations to Work

If you’ve never built citations before, you’re in luck. Our list is incredibly easy to use and it’s brought to you by some of the best citation builders online. Our team performs audits of existing citations and repairs and builds new ones.

A citation itself is just a listing of your business information, notably your name, address and phone number. There are a lot of places you can put these, but they’re most effective when they’re placed on business directories like Yelp.

Creating a citation yourself is as simple as going to the website and following the registration process. However, if you want a building strategy to be effective, you need to build a lot of them, and that means tracking down and testing hundreds of directories. Luckily for you, that’s the part we did for you. Now, you just have to click each link and build a listing for your business. Read on after the list to find some tips.

Website NameDAFREE?Trust FlowCitation Flow
Bisnes Cafe22?013
Thaiza Directory59?3030
Directory Thailand21?920
Thai MLM36?1314
Thailand Business Directory26YES1626
Thai eMarket22YES2128
Thailand Business Pages38YES2632
Thailand Mice35YES3132
Bangkok Post85YES2419
Thailand Page41NO3530
Directory Bangkok29NO3225
Phuket Directory43NO4643
Thailand Business Directory28?1830
Bangkok Companies23?1523
Farang Friendly30YES1432
Thailand Yellow Pages56YES4049
Thai Trade30?4633
Biz-Find Thailand28YES016
Made Thailand14YES00
Krabi Dir36?3439
Thailand Amazing30NO2625
Picture Thailand29NO2228
Great Thailand36NO2928
Thailand Listing25NO1521
Pattaya 24 Seven18?719
BKK Pages30YES1227
Thai Link Site16YES1519

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Let Our Thai Citation Builders Help

When building citations, there are a couple things you want to remember:

Quality Matters: Keep your citations high quality. We build them manually for a reason, and that reason is the very high cost of mistakes. Conflicting citations can cost you growth until the wrong ones are fixed.

More is More: You want as many citations as you can build. All the ones on this list are a good start, but you’ll also want to find your own or have a team build new citations for you.

We’re here to Help: We handle building, cleaning, auditing and so much more.