Indonesian Local SEO Citation Sources & Business Directories

Indonesia is a country everyone should have their eye on right now. This island nation of nearly 300,000,000 people is a mainstay among the fastest-growing and developing economies in the G20. Internet access is spreading rapidly in Indonesia, and anyone diving in now would likely find themselves with little to no online competition in markets that have long been oversaturated in the west.

It’s a great place to be selling right now, and we’ve been pioneering some citation opportunities for clients who are active in the region that includes Indonesian classified listings, Indonesian business directories, and some you might not expect. We’re going to share what we’ve found with you, including our proprietary business directory list.

What We’ve Learned Operating in Indonesia

Our citation list should help you get your feet under you, but there are some things you’re going to want to understand about managing them.

Set Google Translator to Bahasa Indonesia: This is the primary language of Indonesia, and most native Indonesian business directories (and the people visiting them) are going to be operating in that language.

Most Citation Opportunities are Classifieds: Classifieds are still some of the most trafficked forms of citations in Indonesia. If you aren’t getting enough attention from free Indonesian business directory listings, this may be worth a try  When building citations through classifieds, remember that many of them have expiration dates. A citation that is going to be deactivated soon is no good.

Don’t Overlook the Classics: Many of the biggest and most popular sites are going to be relevant the world over. Anything in our list that isn’t native to Indonesia is likely there because it should be on your list before you’ve even started building one.

Operating in strange markets can be tough when you don’t know what advertising resources are available. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone had done all that homework for you already, and put it together in an easy-to-understand format?

Well, speak of the devil: It’s our painstakingly-curated list of Indonesian citation opportunities.

Indonesia’s Best Citation Sources

Website NameAdd Business LinkDAFREE?Trust FlowCitation Flow
ChutkuSubmit Business16YES00
Indonesia YPSubmit Business29YES322
BelanjoSubmit Business24YES1923
Seputar JakartaSubmit Business22YES027
Yellowpages IndonesiaSubmit Business50YES3439
Nearby IDSubmit Business17YES00
Direktori JakartaSubmit Business15YES019
Iklan Gratis IDSubmit Business59YES020
OpendiSubmit Business36YES00
HotfrogSubmit Business33YES821
BrownbookSubmit Business63YES3347
Zip LeafSubmit Business36YES1326
FacebookSubmit Business100YES8085
FoursquareSubmit Business91YES8268
Nokia HereSubmit Business92YES7766
YalwaSubmit Business19YES04
TuugoSubmit Business22YES78
Bali Google BookSubmit Business23YES021
PanPagesSubmit Business31YES1533
Indonesia BizListSubmit Business17YES00
GBG IndonesiaSubmit Business31YES1628
AngloINFOSubmit Business56YES2032

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  • Most of the citation sources on Indonesia are from classified ads which is not included on the list above. Classified ads sites often have expiration dates which will make our citation deactivated when it is due.
  • Some popular sites that can also be use for other business in other country is included on the above list. We don’t want to miss to list our business to those sites because those have high domain authority.
  • Most of indonesian sites are written on their local language (Bahasa Indonesia), so a Google chrome translator is a must.