Whitelabel Citation Building

For over 5 years, we have been building high-quality citations for agencies and publishers alike. We are, and always have been, the premier link-building solution. White labelling our reports is just another way that we meet the diverse needs of our clientele.

You can choose to have your reporting shipped without logos or branding. Think of us like santa’s elves. We tinker and toil, you get to wrap it in a bow and take the credit. White labeling isn’t something just for a select few of our largest clients—it’s available to everyone, no matter which of our services they’re using. As far as we and the public are concerned, you stayed up all night sweating over these citations, and it will stay that way. Our clients enjoy:

  • Absolute anonymity
  • Constant communication
  • Ability to reach us easily, via email, chat or phone
  • Free rank tracking
  • Project management backend panel
  • Detailed, informative and actionable reporting
  • Every campaign is researched, and built to fit
  • Intelligent people, who care about the work they do
  • Money back guarantee

If everyone gets all these goodies, what’s so special about being a bulk buyer?

Benefits of Whitelabel Monthly Local Citation Packages

If you are consistently spending greater than $1000/month with us, you will enjoy:

  • Front of line service
  • 12% discounts on all citation building orders
  • First dibs at new product launches
  • Unlimited project consultations (15min at a time)
  • Choice of reporting format (html vs Google Docs)
  • Certain product customization privileges
  • Sales literature (coming soon)
  • …and a heck of a lot more

This isn’t just for marketing agencies. With over 2200 clients served, we’ve seen it all, including:

  • Affiliates of all sorts
  • Publishers (blogs, etc)
  • Small, medium and enterprise level brick and mortar
  • Many franchises
  • Lead generation
  • Flipping and renting websites
  • 5, 10 1000+ locations
  • Folks just like you…

We live and breathe this work: Local search, SEO, and all the challenges that come with it. If you’re stumped, chances are we’ve seen it and solved it. Our customer service and communication is phenomenal. We’ll gladly put you in touch with a whole bunch of super satisfied clients who will fill you in on their experiences. We love what we do, they know it, and you’ll feel it.

NDA? No problem. Don’t have one, but want us to sign one? We’ve got one lying around. We know the drill, and we value you and your client’s privacy above all.

With Loganix, you are getting high-quality, agency-level work…perhaps for your agency. Contact us above (and to the right), and learn how we are going to make your life easier.