Will a non-verified Google My Business Listing Rank?


I have a number of non verified Google My Business listings that I have a really hard time trying to get verified. In fact, I may never be able to get them verified. Do you think that despite that, they will still rank if I promote them? Is it worth giving a try?

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It’s a gamble dude. I’ve seen it work before, but I’ve also seen it not work before. Mind you, I suppose the same could be said about verified listings lol.

Some folks claims that if a listing isn’t verified, Google doesn’t doesn’t give it favor. Doesn’t trust it the same, and thus doesn’t give it as much of a chance to rank. In the wild, I can tell you I’ve seen plenty of non veri listings ranking in tough areas. It’s a frustrating thing to see actually.

Do a test. Do everything the way you would with a normal listing. Organic, local, etc.

Best advice I got : )



Let me be a little more transparent with you, perhaps you know the answer and/or will give you more detail into the scenario as you may have a solution.

Verifying by Address is never an option.

However, I can verify by phone, had problems before but due to tracking provider. Where the issue lies is I used call tracking metrics historically, and had issues. As shown in below link.

I ran into this: http://www.dynamicic.com/google-maps-phone-verification/

“we have had several clients who do local SEO that have had trouble with Google Maps not calling their phone numbers to verify their listings. This would have happened both with or without our call tracking numbers.”

This is the issue I was having.

So…. I believe I can get the listing verified. If so, we should be golden.

Also, no website will be connected to these map listings, however I did find that someone was ranking #2 in maps in one of the most competitive areas without a website, so I think we’re good.

I’ll also be super close to the centroid with everything.



That is very very interesting. I’ve used tracking numbers for years, and never had an issue with this. Mind you, all mind come from Twilio, so perhaps they are getting numbers from these more well known carriers.

Please keep me updated on your progress.

Re the website, I too have seen that a lot. I have also seen people use a well optimized local directory listing as their URL in Google Places. Some of the bigger ones like Merchant Circle or InsiderPages would be a good way to go.

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