What is the Google My Business protocol for moving my business?


Hello. I will be moving my local business to another province in the near future. What does Google want me to do in this instance? More important, what is going to be the best move rankings wise…I’d like a as-smooth-as transition as possible. That is, little or no time where my rankings are less than great. Should I start building now?

Category: asked May 1, 2015

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Firstly, will you be keeping your existing location? When will you be moving to your new location exactly?

How we proceed will depend a fair bit on that. However, a good place to start would be a [new-city] landing page…keyword research, etc. I wouldn’t bother cleaning up your old citations. You’ll have a new phone, address, so you’d just start fresh. At most, you’d want to mark yourself closed on the top tier citations (yelp, etc). I would start building your citation profile about 6 months out. Give Google time to digest it and such.


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