Should I 301 my penalized domain to my new one? What about the old citations?


Hi Guys,

I wanted to get your opinion on something that might be affecting my local rankings.
My old site was [redacted].  I got this site back a few years when domain names mattered more and I built up a lot of black hat links to it.  It got flagged back in 2013 and we had to disavow a lot of links.

When I opened up the 2nd bricks and mortar location, we decided to go for the brand name and use  a [redacted] (which we’re using now).

The old site is still up and the old domain in a lot of random citations throughout the internet.  Do you think that it would be better to take the old site down and 301 it to the new site?
– J
Category: asked May 8, 2015

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301g the old site is a BAD idea. A 301 is capable of passing any negative juju, and you don’t want that.

I would go through all your old citations, and update them to reflect the current, new URL.


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