How to filter out Referral Spam in Google Analytics?


I ordered a local package for my client and now we’re getting referrers from pron sites. This is the only SEO service we’ve done. This is very unprofessional and needs to be stopped. Please help.

Category: asked May 1, 2015

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I am sad to say, referrer spam is plaguing everyone, Loganix links or not. Much outcry exists in Google forums, Reddit Subreddits, etc.

There are solutions, though it’s a tough task to stay ahead of it. As an agency owner myself, I have the difficult job of fielding this every month, filtering out the good traffic from the bad.

Here are some recent threads I’ve read on the matter:

I’m afraid this is just how it is right now. Hopefully Google will make a change to Google Analytics to clean this up, but I wouldn’t count on it in my opinion.

Sorry I could not be more helpful.



I lied, I can be much more helpful. We’ve come up with a pretty nifty solution right here:

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