How do I get rid of a fake location? Shows up as primary


I have a client who setup fake locations a few years ago so they could rank in other cities. Since I took over, I have been only promoting their main location, but one of the fake locations is the one that is ranking even though it has no reviews, followers, etc. I had been hoping google would correct this naturally, but it didn’t happen. So I went ahead and deleted the fake location, but unfortunately, it’s still ranking, but showing as unverified. What’s the best way to get the website to sync with the correct location? I have linked to the g+ page from the website and vise versa. Any suggestions?

Category: asked May 27, 2015

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I think you deleted it from your account, but not from Google. I would mark the location closed, which can be done from the listing profile, and have a few other folks on different IPs do the same over the course of a week. Usually can kill them quickly. Alternatively, you could give Google a call and see if they’d help you out.

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