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A high quality, whitelabeled, Google ranking machine. Finally a Local SEO service that does it all: on page, off page, organic and local rankings…consider it done.

Website Audit & Optimization (up to 10 pages)

  • Comprehensive review of your entire sites pages and code
  • Keyword research and meticulously optimize for search engines.
  • Improve website health, and optimize for speed.

*$150/each extra page



Google My Business Optimization

  • Create, and/or audit Google My Business page
  • Optimize to ensure best chance at ranking in Local Search

*$200/each extra location


“I have seen allot of improvements to the website and rankings over the last 3 months. I am happy with how everything has come together.”

Wayne Brown, Owner, Beonix Computer Repair

Citation Audit

  • Find all existing citations, and identify any inconsistencies
  • Recommendation for your steps with local SEO

*$250/each extra location



Link Audit

  • Link audit to identify poor quality links that are harming your website’s SEO
  • Recommendations on the next steps to resolve negative impacts

Professional Copywriters
(up to 10 pages)

  • Write, repair and optimize up to 10 pages of web page content
  • Content will be optimized for conversions and the search engines



“Loganix takes SEO to whole new level. Never have I met SEOs with such a tactical and strategic minds when it comes to implementing short-term and long-term SEO plans. I’ve been studying SEO for years and have dealt with countless SEO consultants, companies, freelancers and everybody also who claims to be an expert. None of them come close to this level of expertise. I typically catch SEO advisors give impractical or irrelevant advice. Not these guys, I don’t even question anything. Adam and the Loganix team prove themselves with the best with their knowledge and results. My rankings prove it.”

James Memije, Owner, Accuserv Furnace & AC


Simple Website Adjustments

  • Basic theme/template changes to improve website structure
  • Improve code for search engines

Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools Setup & Tracking

  • Installation of Google website suite
  • Set up tracking & goal conversions
  • Set up rank tracking




  • Google My Business and organic rankings, charting growth over time
  • Total traffic to the site compared to previous month
  • Total goal conversions compared to previous month
  • All work completed, summarized and explained.

You can get everything listed above, for a one-time payment of $2000.

That’s a ton of stuff to do right? Most agencies would take 3-6 months to tackle this much work but we do it in 6-8 weeks, AND they are going to charge you 3k/mo+ to do it. What the heck?! I’ve found the best way to succeed is to set yourself up for success as soon as you are able. With the Loganix Premium One-Time Optimization package, if you’re not seeing green arrows after 45 days, something is seriously wrong.

Let’s Get to Work

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Looking for monthly management, or local SEO?

Editorial link building & guest post link building

Loganix Monthly Local/Niche Citation Building

Link and citation cleanup (where required)

Simple Website Adjustments (up to 2 hours)

Further, Minor Optimization

Monthly Google Search Console (GSC) Checkups

Quarterly Screaming Frog Technical SEO Audits & Fixes


*1 website, 1 location. $250/mo per extra location (GMB page).

Get all of the above, and monthly management for $2000/month + one-time setup fee of $500.

This is the full solution. The full-meal deal if you will. What’s more is there is no mystery about what you are getting. We’ve just told you. And told you in numbers you can quantify, and hold us accountable to. There are no contracts, or funny business. If you aren’t happy with our work, then it sure as heck doesn’t make sense for us to work together now does it? Cancel whenever you want, and you will move on to greener pastures with all the links, citations, logins, etc that we have put together for you. No fuss no muss.

Is Your Website Secure? Give Your Rankings an Extra Boost!

Did you know that starting in October 2017, if your site is not secure with an SSL certificate then your visitors can see a “Not Secure” warning, when using Google Chrome?

To prevent this message from appearing when Chrome users visit your site, it’s advisable to Migrate your site to HTTPS. Here are some of the benefits you stand to gain in doing so:

  •  Show “positive results” in terms of relevancy
  • Get a boost in your rankings from Google
  • Improve overall page visibility and your top 10 search engine rankings

Our new SSL Migration Package can be added on to any package for $1,500 or purchased as a stand alone product for $2,000. It comes fully loaded with all of the essentials required for the ‘Ideal’ migration, while keeping your website’s SEO in tact. We’ll handle everything! Get in touch with us to learn more.

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  • How quickly should I expect to see results?

    I varies a little site to site, especially if your site is new. For your average site however, we'd expect to start seeing green arrows (positive movement) in 45 days or less.

  • Is this service meant for me?

    This service is best suited to location-based businesses. That doesn't mean the location needs to be real (wink wink), but it is somewhat catered towards Google My Business + Website type setups. We have agencies, SMBs and lead gen folks flexing us currently. We are pretty diverse, and will accommodate most.

  • What kind of link building do you do?

    Citations, links to the citations, editorials, links from locally or niche relevant websites, and much more. We keep it varied and natural. Link building is our speciality, so you can be sure we know what we are doing.

  • How many keywords will this rank me for?

    There is no real limit, but we aren't going to bite off more than we can chew. In week 2 we prepare keyword research, and will run it by you. We will discuss which are our best targets based on commercial intent, competition, search volume and more. We generally go forward with 2-3 dozen keywords to get started.

  • Is there a minimum engagement, or contract?

    Nope. Month to month. If you're not happy, we aren't going to stop you from seeking greener pastures. And unlike other services, we won't hold you hostage by pulling your links, holding your logins, or other such nonsense. Everything we do, from the keyword research to the citations is yours to keep.

  • Are there any guarantees?

    If our work is poor quality, or mistakes are made we will refund up to one month of service. We stand by our work, as it is a reflection of each and every one of us. However, when it comes to rankings...these things just aren't black or white. We can't guarantee rankings. As non-owners, or workers of Google, we don't know everything. We have a proven track record, and will work our butts off for you, but occasionally we will get a project that won't bend to our will. We do our best to spot these from the outset, so these situations don't arise.

  • Will you work on sites with any content management system (CMS)?

    Yes. We've got talented developers that are well versed in most typical CMS' and web languages. We haven't found anything we couldn't deal with yet. Please note, occasionally these more obscure CMS' may result in work taking a little bit longer to accomplish as we take additional time to learn your CMS.

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