Our Affiliate Program

So many of you are referring business our way without any incentives. We’d like to reward you with more than a thank you and a pat on the back. Our incredibly-simple affiliate program is designed to reward good folks like yourself with 10% of anything sent our way.

Fire us an email at support@loganix.net. It’s a really easy registration, and once everything is squared away, you will be dropped into our panel. This native app has everything you need, including tools to manage your payouts, get your tracking code, and all that good stuff. You’ll also be able to manage your orders, should you be so inclined : )

Affiliate Benefits–Perks and Advantages

Here are some things you’re going to love:

  • Zero signup fees, immediate approval.
  • For a very limited time, 10% lifetime customer commissions (HUGE)
  • 30 day cookie (overwriting, last referrer gets the commission)
  • Recurring commissions on recurring products
  • Bi-weekly payments through Paypal
  • Payout available even on low balances

Coming features include…

  • Various banner sets for your use
  • Sales package
  • postback feature, which texts/emails you every time you earn a commission
  • vanity affiliate URLs
  • special product discounts for affiliates
  • much much more..

Not too shabby right? We think that you’ll find, as we did and others continue to, that this product is radically different than anything on the market. It works a ton better (and faster), and sells like hot cakes. We’re super proud of what we are building here, and we hope that you can share in that pride in your own efforts to push this really fantastic service.

If you ever have any questions or need any tips, we are always only an email, chat client or phone call away. We’re affiliates ourselves, and we don’t mind helping out.

Rock on!