Website Optimization

Expecting a website to rank competitively without a first applying a thorough round of optimization is like trying to sell a house without applying a new coat of paint. Sure, luck might be on your side, but if results are poor, you can’t say you did your best. You won’t need to overdo it, but proper optimization is still critical to local search visibility.

Meta Data (Title Tag, Keywords, Description, Heading Tags)

Optimizing for KWs absolutely still matters. Don't duplicate meta tags. Rather, be thorough, use h2s and h3s with longtail KWs, include CTAs where appropriate. Read More

Images (Adding Alt Tag on each images)

Alt tags describe images to Google--remember that Google can't "read" images. Use natural phrases and long descriptions in all alt tags. Read More

Google Webmaster Tool / Bing Webmaster Tool

Sites should be registered in both GWT and Bing to help quickly identify any errors your site may have. Read More

Google Analytics

GA requires a whole guide on its own. But verifying that it's installed properly and that events trigger properly is one of the best things you can do to properly analyze your site's performance. Read More

Schema or H-Card

Wrap all NAP components into schema markup code, so that Google can quickly and easily understand that you're referring to a physical location. See technical considerations for more. Read More

Interlinking of Webpages

Read More

Content Optimization

Above all, write naturally. You'll get dinged for keyword stuffing these days. Also, be careful not to cannibalize keywords or duplicate content. See link for best practices on keyword usage. Read More

Embed lat/long google maps

You should have embeded Google Maps of your location for all of your location pages, or local landing pages. It's typically a good idea to include written directions on how to get to your location as well. Read More

Basic Technical Considerations

This one is so obvious it hurts.

Google loses millions for every second longer it takes them to serve their users accurate and relevant SERPs. You think they’ll waste their precious time and reputation to serve up a site that doesn’t go through some basic technical considerations first? Dream on.

Page/Server Speed

The first reason to optimize pagespeed load times is for user experience. Prevent people from leaving your site before it even loads, the other and the main reason is, Google loves websites that load fast. This means faster-performing sites may rank higher in search engine results. Read More

Mobile Friendly

Make your website is mobile friendly and responsive to allow your visitors to navigate your site with no issues across all resolutions and devices. Nowadays there is no need to make a separate website for mobile devices unless there is a specific reason to do so. Read More

Google and Bing Webmaster Tools

Submit your site to Google and Bing Webmaster Tools. Create a sitemap and submit to both and check it often to see if any issues reported. If so, fix those issues. Read More

301 Redirect

IF a website opens with both www and non-www, you will need to force one version only; either www or non-www. You can do this via htaccess. This will prevent content duplication for every page on your site. Read More

Remove Meta keywords tag from Head

Even when yahoo and bing consider meta keywords for ranking, Google can take you down in the results. The best advice is to remove meta keywords tag from the html head. Read More

Microdata, Schema, Rich Snippets

Sites using rich snippets hold higher rankings and have higher CTR in organic listings, the most common uses of rich snippets are NAP, Website, Product, Reviews or Ratings. Read More


create a valid xml sitemap then submit to google webmaster tools and bing. Read More

Google My Business Optimization

Your GMB page is your business’ batcave—your central command center.

It may seem low-profile and hidden out of the way, but this is where Google relies on you to provide them with critical information about your business. Don’t forget about it. Fill out everything you can, with the most accurate information.

Google Maps Audit

We perform this to check if the GMB page has a duplicate listing, incorrect information or the listing is not 100% complete. Read More

GMB Creation

GMB page is an important citation that we don't want to miss. This will need a postcard verification so make sure the address is correct. Read More

Monthly Dashboard Audit

We do a manual audit to make sure that the listing has the correct info. There are instances that Google or other MapMaker user modify the business, so we need to double check if we are still using the same business info. Read More

Linking To Website

Linking to website needs to add rel=publisher to the website code and once Google verified it you'll see a checkmark on the website link on your GMB listing. Read More

Linking To Youtube & Other

Go to the youtube channel settings and connect it to the GMB page. Read More

Citation Related Activities

Citations are important, but they’re also finicky, hard to keep track of, and can be a real time sink. They’re also important. This is where you and your business can stand out if you’re willing to put in the work. Eat your Wheaties and bear down on those bad citations.

Citation Audit

We perform citation audit to track all existing citations and avoid creating dupes. We also want to identify any inconsistency of the business name, address and phone. Read More

Citation Clean Up

Inconsistency of business name, address or phone on other citation sources can harm local search rankings. We do cleanup to try and fix every incorrect citation. Read More

Competitive Citation Analysis

Using tools like Whitespark, we do a research to track all citation sources that our competitor is using. Then we analyze it if we can use those sites for our client. Read More


Data Aggregators are trusted data distributors. They save us time on manual citation building because they automatically distribute the business data on other citation sources. Read More

Local Directory Submission

This includes sites that are specific to the business location. Usually, it is hard to get live profiles when submitting to this kind of site. Read More

Social Media Profiles

These are high-authority social media sites like, facebook, twitter and etc. This is good for promoting the brand name.

Hyper Local Citation

Hyper-local sites are sites that are relevant to the business category. Example are, or superlawyer for law firms or attorneys. Read More

Photo Citation

Photo Citation sites are sites where you can submit your photo and have a chance to upload it to the map. It will add geo meta data on your photo. Read More

Video Citation

We create video citations using powtoon and upload it to video sharing sites like youtube, vimeo, dailymotion and other partners. Read More

Document Sites

These are sites that are designed for file sharing like pdf, document, slides and other formats.

Event Sites

Use event sites even when there are no upcoming events for your business. We can make use of those sites to add venues.

Logo Sites

These are sites where you can upload your logo and create a profile for your business and possible add a link to your website.

Audio Sites

Audio sites like soundcloud,, podcast and etc. We use these site to create a profile and possibly a leave the business link.

Classified Ads Site

Also a good way to create a citation. The only problem with classified ads is that usually, your ads expire after few days or month. Read More


This is making use of forum and community sites. We can add the link to the signature and if you want more exposure we can do forum commenting. Read More

Blog Comment

We look for relevant/local article and use the comment section to leave a relevant comment about the article and possible add our link. Where appropriate, we aim to sneak in NAP. Read More


This is creating a scholarship page/contest on your website and offering it to different schools, colleges and universities. We hope that they add a link of our site to their school website. Read More

RSS Feed Submission

This is good for businesses that have a blog and are actively writing new articles. We can submit the rss feed to other rss submission sites.


Google does a great poker face here on whether reviews influence their ranking algorithm. Regardless, trustworthy third-party studies have shown they do. Reviews are just too important to ignore, now and in the future.

Google My Business Reviews

Reviews are one of the important ranking signals. These will also help your business gain trust when an audience sees good feedback about your business. We try to get our client 5 reviews to enable the aggregate star rating.

Third-Party Reviews

Aside from GMB reviews, there are good sites where reviews are a must (an example is Yelp!). Make sure to add reviews to top third-party review sites because these sites often have a good amount of visitors.

Review Funneling

We can use tools like to aggregate reviews and post it to important review sites. Read More

Social Media

Some SEOs might look down on social media, but it’s the foundation of a robust link-building strategy. Links from sites relevant to yours (same industry or region) may be more effective, so reaching out to get to know people is important.

Proper attention to social media doesn’t only bring you links though: it brings you trust, reputation, and customer loyalty.

Activity on Main Social Accounts

Interlinking of Main Social Accounts

If you don't interlink your main social profiles, you're leaving lots of link juice on the table. Seriously, most of them encourage it.

rel=me for both website & social profiles

Other Considerations

Being thorough where others are quick is the difference between having a business that ranks locally, and a business that dominates locally.

That’s important these days. The listed techniques below are also very important, even though they don’t fit into these categories.

Organic Ranking Strength

Do you rank well organically? Organic ranking strength is a big local ranking signal, and a lot of times people can rank well locally just because they are so strong organically. In many SERPs, if you aren't top 5 organically, you won't be top 3 locally (snack pack).

Does it Fit in the SERPs?

Be realistic: If top 10 SERPs are mostly 3000-word mega-guides, then your 400-word blog post won't rank. Compare many metrics: backlink quality, TTF, keyword usage, images, video embeds, etc.

Keyword Lean

Look at top 10 SERPs. If 5 or more results have a style that you cannot match (i.e. are .gov, .edu, ecomm), then your site will have a hard time ranking. Read More

User Experience?

Very subjective: is the website generally enjoyable to use? Does it have intuitive navigating? Can you get the information you need easily? Any weird errors?

PBN & All Other Link Building

In competitive niches, sometimes a single web property isn't enough. Create networks of sites to capitalize on your existing research and link building partnerships.