The Latest in Local Search for September

The Latest in Local Search for September

A big month for those of us working in the Google. Two updates in one month. Oh heavens! I am not going to pretend that I have a lot to say about either, and instead I will simply point you in the direction of the articles that I thought did the best job of summarizing things.

On the local side of things, Joy Hawkins nailed it.

Organic (though that’s still local folks!), I am always a fan of Cognitive SEO’s blog.

If you only read two SEO blog posts this month, I’d check these ^^ out.

Oh, actually I thought this was a pretty legit link building post by Ahrefs.

Shoot, actually there is one other random SEO thing I came across, a free rank checker tool by Authority Labs.

Clearly I need to spend a little more time preparing these newsletters…I am mess!

Moving on! A few things for our more advanced/interested readers:

Introducing Google My Business API v3.1

We’ve been playing with the GMB API for our new panel release, and so any updates Google makes are very relevant to us. Last month they made some more tweaks (2 months in a row! dang!) you might want to know about.

Google Now Displays “Reviews From The Web”

Joy touched on this in the above link, but here is a bit more detail. Google added “Reviews from the web” to the local Knowledge Panel. This added feature brings aggregated user ratings from up to three third party review sites. Read more about this update. I dig it!!

Google Updates Mobile Rich Snippet Display with Pricing Information

Besides the addition of “Reviews from the web” Google updated the display of organic results on mobile. Now it has made space for the pricing details. More info in this article.

Finally, for you keeners out there, a few more enjoyable SEO reads…

8 Tips To Make Sure Your Google Profile Images Boost Your Local Search Results

Is Google Filtering Your Business In The Local Search Results?

Penguin 4.0: Was It Worth the Wait?

10 Ways to Drastically Improve Your Small/Local Business Adwords Campaigns

Local SEO in 2017 and Beyond: Managed Strategy vs. Automation

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