The Latest in Local Search for October

The Latest in Local Search for October

I recognize that not all of us have time to keep a pulse on SEO or more specifically local search, so I am happy to put this little summary together. I am sure there are a few things I miss each month, but this is just what popped up on my radar, and seemed noteworthy.

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Now back to SEO.

Distance to business now showing in Google’s Local Knowledge Panel

Google added an additional feature in Google’s Local Knowledge Panel. Now you can view how far you are from the business you are searching. This was a feature I always used Foursquare (wait, is it even called that still?) for. When going out for dins, or in a new city, seeing what is closest to you is helpful. Way to go Goog! More here.

Local SEO now has an organic ROI tracking method

The partnership between Yext and Uber brings a new tool that can help local search marketers and local businesses alike. The tool will allow business owners to track true ROI in the course of their digital marketing – something few SMBs are used to surely. The technology will connect those looking for a business with the ability to instantly request a ride. It also sounds like you will be able to serve them coupons and suggestions in the Uber app while en route. Read about the new tool here.

Google My Business testing advanced verification process for spammy map categories

Google is testing a new advanced verification process for locksmith and plumbers in San Diego. The businesses will have until November 10 to respond and will need to wait 2 weeks to see if they passed the verification. Going out on a limb here…this really doesn’t sound all that advanced. This new verification method from Google hopes to remove all spammy listings in maps. Read the full article here.

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