The Latest in Local Search for November

The Latest in Local Search for November

I recognize that not all of us have time to keep a pulse on SEO or more specifically local search, so I am happy to put this little summary together. I am sure there are a few things I miss each month, but this is just what popped up on my radar, and seemed noteworthy.

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Now back to SEO.

November’s BEST Local Search Reads

Say Goodbye to Google Map Maker

Google announced that it’s Google MapMaker will be removed from Google Maps. This standalone product will retire in March 2017. It’s function will be directly integrated into Google Maps. Read more here

Google’s Home Services Ads

Google is now testing their Home Services Ads on mobile. Recent reports have spotted it on mobile across California. Google Home Services Ads is for local service providers (for now) such as locksmith, hvac services, plumbers, etc. For more info click here.

Google My Business Live Chat

Google is testing a new feature on Google My Business. A selected group of business owners can a new live chat feature where they can directly chat with customers that find their business listings (badass!) on Google search. Read more about this.

SEO Must Reads

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Choosing the Right Local Marketing Automation Software for your Business

What Happens When You Cancel Yext?

Also, we posted a little guide to tackling aggregators! Find it here.
If ever anyone has any questions about SEO or local SEO, I hope you will let me know. Always looking for tricky questions to include on my Youtube Show.

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