The Latest in Local Search for May

The Latest in Local Search for May

What’s New in Local Search?

New Features For Hotel Reviews on Google

Google has confirmed that a new interface and set of features for hotel reviews is rolling out. In this new update, additional information such as ratings for the rooms, location, facilities, and such will now be available. See the screenshots of the new interface, here.

Google Testing New Results Interface For Local Restaurants

Another test from Google this past month! This time, it involved local restaurant businesses. Google displayed some of the business attributes in the results. Also, a reservation box has been spotted on the results. Read about this new test from Google from Mike B.

Google Rolls Out Updates On GMB Dashboard

Google has launched a couple of updates on the Google My Business dashboard. Now, the menu bar is accessible on the left side of the listing view. It is now easy to switch between business accounts. This is good for users that manages multiple GMB listing. Read more about this update, here.


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