The Latest in Local Search for March

The Latest in Local Search for March

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I recognize that not all of us have time to keep a pulse on SEO or more specifically local search, so I am happy to put this little summary together. I am sure there are a few things I miss each month, but this is just what popped up on my radar, and seemed noteworthy.

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Now back to SEO.

March’s BEST Local Search Reads

Introducing Location Extension For Google’s Ads

Google has made some changes/additions to the Local Extension in Google Adwords. This new feature enables an advertiser to add more info like business headline, business hours, photo and store location. See the sample screenshot in this article. More real estate for your ads, not a bad thing!

Automating Ownership Conflict of a Google My Business Page

Google just recently updated the process to regain ownership of a business page. This will help the business owner transfer the ownership of the page from the person who verified or manages it. See the updated process here. I particularly like this for those cases where some agencies will hold your listing hostage, OR where a business owner has lost the logins.

SEO Must Reads

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Yelp Provides Embed Code for Showcasing Yelp Reviews on Your Site

If ever anyone has any questions about SEO or local SEO, I hope you will let me know. Always looking for tricky questions to include on my Youtube Show.


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