The Latest in Local Search for December

The Latest in Local Search for December

I recognize that not all of us have time to keep a pulse on SEO or more specifically local search, so I am happy to put this little summary together. I am sure there are a few things I miss each month, but this is just what popped up on my radar, and seemed noteworthy.

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Now back to SEO.

December’s BEST Local Search Reads

Insights for Photos and Edit Attributes For Your Business

An update for Google My Business includes newly-accessible insights on how your photos perform compared to other businesses in your area. Another update last month includes the ability to list amenities for your customers, including Wi-Fi, handicap accessibility and more. More about this update, here.

Google Pack Can Now Filter Results

Google has added the ability to filter Google Pack results by business ratings and hours. This will help users if they are looking for highly-rated businesses, and want to see only the results that are currently open for business. Read more about this.

You Can Manage Yelp Listing Via MozLocal

Business owners and Local SEO’s can now manage their Yelp listing using the MozLocal dashboard. This is the first third-party to be granted this feature. Learn about this partnership.

SEO Must Reads

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If ever anyone has any questions about SEO or local SEO, I hope you will let me know. Always looking for tricky questions to include on my Youtube Show.

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