The Latest in Local Search for April

The Latest in Local Search for April

Starting to finally feel like summer around Vancouver, how about for you guys? Wherever you’re hustling away, I hope you’re feeling a little warmer and a little more energized to hit the next season everything you’ve got. I guess the weather all feels the same when you’re indoors (I work from home) all day, so how about we get right to the search news!

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Yes, SEO. Let’s talk about that.

So, What’s New in Local Search?

Update On Local Map Results Now Filter By Ratings

Google has made another update to its local search results. Now they focus on those businesses with good customer ratings. A filter for ratings with the default 4-star rating is shown in red font when describing search terms with “best”, “awesome”, “good” etc. Read more here.

“Product And Services” Now Appearing To Knowledge Panel

Another new addition to the knowledge panel. This time, Google added product and services links. This feature was first seen on restaurant businesses, but has been pulled from the search because it’s still a little buggy. Read Mike’s article about it. He’s amazing.

Timeline Now Landed On iOS

This feature is not new to Android and desktop users, but IOS users will be pleased to finally have it. It’s a timeline/list of places you’ve visited. Google will also add a note to the place you visited with the date you last visited. Check the article here. Handy (if not totally creepy). Ha!

More SEO Must Reads

The Best Types of Content for Local Businesses: Building Geo-Topical Authority

This is a great read if you need to bolster your authority as a small business. Better than a simple article, it’s a guide to the exact types of trust content that a website needs to build (with lists!). Turn them into checklists and get stuff done.

Be a mad scientist to be more successful in local SEO

A new challenger approaches the argument important geo-optimization is as a local ranking factor. Good critique of the arguments so far, and some important advice for all of us. I, for one, advocate for geo-optimization. Always have. It’s just one of those boxes I make sure I check.

Launching a New Website: Your SEO Checklist

Another great checklist article, this one from the talented people at Moz. It’s a guide to make sure that you have every SEO base covered before you launch the website. Even experts will learn a little

You Offer 10 Services and Serve 10 Cities, So You Create 100 City Pages? Why City-Page Proliferation Is Dumb

(Full disclosure, I’ve done this! And sometimes it has worked.) If you needed an argument against the cities x services = number of pages strategy that spells everything out with numbers, this is your ticket. It’s a great link for taking a side in online arguments or sharing with the clients who still want to pursue this strategy. Even if you come down on the other side, you should give it a read.

Why Local Rank Tracking is Still Valuable in 2017

While rank is a little harder to pin down than it used to be, Darren Shaw of Whitespark (I’m a fan-girl, wtv okay) argues that tracking data is still a really important part of understanding and improving your marketing.

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