How Does Yext Compare to Loganix?

How Does Yext Compare to Loganix?

The primary difference is that Yext is powered by automation, and typically focuses on a single listing per website. In most cases, Yext is only going to find one listing, and even then, that’s only going to be a listing that’s part of their network.

Loganix offers a lot more options. There is no set of citations that we target, because we don’t put any limits on which networks are targeted. The submission list we build will be designed to match your needs as far as location, niche and competition.

We go hunting through all of these and more…

  • Common data aggregators like ExpressUpdate, Localeze and Factual
  • All of the citation platforms for the big search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and even Apple Maps
  • All of the biggest citation platforms like YellowPages, Yelp and Citysearch
  • All of the most relevant secondary citation sources like MerchantCircle, MojoPages and Kudzu

Yext, on the other hand, covers…

  • Mostly just Factual. Yext has a limited relationship with ExpressUpdate as well, but from what I hear, only some of the users can take advantage of that.
  • Bing + Yahoo
  • Some of the most easily-edited primary citation sources
  • Some of the most easily-edited secondary citation sources

Of course, you’re going to want to consider price, too

Yext: Starting at $500 per year, as much as $1000

Loganix: One time orders for as little as $219

The difference in price may have you wondering about quality, but you should know that Yext isn’t particularly known for behaving like a premium service, even with the massive price premium. Yext is well-known for going so far as to take the time to reverse all your citations back to the previously, likely incorrect versions when their service is cancelled. That’s a real hostage situation! That’s not the way we operate.

We go through more sources than Yext, and we’re a lot more affordable. The tradeoff for that is that Yext does offer almost instant updates across their network, where our service takes about a week. That week gives us the time to build out a completely manual process, and to cover all the directories that Yext ignores.

Don’t forget that our service also includes all the links we build out to the citation profiles, all of which are completely unique.

To me, there’s no contest. Compared to Yext, we offer you a more unique and powerful solution to bad citations all over the web.

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