Loganix Careers

So, you’re interested in working with one of the internet’s most cutting-edge and agile teams? You’re in luck, because we’re looking for someone with the right stuff to handle some of the new responsibilities that constantly develop as we rapidly expand our services.

“The Right Stuff”

We’ve got a great team of people here at Loganix, and we’re often looking to add people who share the values that made our company such a strong presence, so quickly.

A Client-Focused Approach

Our clients are not simply the people who keep food on our tables. They’re on this journey with us, and they’re learning things just like we are. We want team members who are comfortable working directly with clients, speaking with them on calls and taking their concerns seriously.

A Natural Drive

A self-starting nature is necessary for all of our team members. You will receive goals and instructions, of course, but everyone here is expected to operate with a minimum of supervision, and to take advantage of our communication infrastructure to target the right team members when help is needed or problems are noticed. You should also be happy to work with other team members when they need help with something involving your expertise.

An Eagerness to Learn

Out here on the borderline, we rarely get the opportunity to stroll trails that have already been blazed. If we want to make a bigger difference for our clients, we often have to develop it ourselves. Our ability to do that depends on a team that is constantly focused on learning new things and analyzing unrecognized opportunities from industry news.

What We Offer You

We’re a team that cares about working together on our goals, but we understand that you may have your own personal goals. That’s cool. We’ve all got the entrepreneurial spirit here, and we like to help each other out. Whether you’re looking to pick up new skills or test out some zany ideas, you’ll likely find someone here who is interested in helping.

As we are a global company, we have positions available all over the world. You have the freedom to work on your own terms while making a difference and trying out new things for new industries every month. Boredom is rarely a problem here, especially for people who have the drive to create the opportunities for themselves from needs that they see.


We’ll open up new positions as needed, but even if you don’t find anything that meets your qualifications right now, you should drop us a line. Send an email with your resume and cover letter to hello@magistrateinc.com. We’ll keep it on file and let you know if anything comes up that matches your skills..