American Citation Sources

You need a powerful local search results strategy if you’re going to compete in most cities in the United States. Everyone knows that citation building is one of the most effective ways to boost your local presence quickly, but not everyone has the budget for that. Now you don’t need one, because we’re going to let you in on our secrets for free.

What you’ll find on this page is a list of the best business directories in the United States. Scouting, testing and choosing the best directories takes a while, and it’s one of the most complex parts of citation building. Now that it’s been done for you, you’ll can just Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V your way to local supremacy.

How to use the list:

  • Click on any link in the “Add Business Link” column

This links in the far left column will take you to each business directory, but the “Add Business Link” URL will take you directly to the registration page. Just saving you a step.

  • Enter all information

Provide as much information as you can. Your name, address and phone number are an important start, but you should provide any information that might make it easier for live eyes or digital ones to distinguish your business from others.

  • Check for Accuracy

Bad information in your citations is a serious problem. Many smaller directories simply grab data from the larger ones, and that means mistakes can be sent all over the internet as soon as they’re submitted.

  • Submit and Verify

Each directory will have slightly different processes when it comes to submissions and   verifications. Make sure you follow the rules closely to be sure your submission will go live.

  • Keep Building

If you want this to work, you don’t get to stop at a select few, or even a select few dozen. You should build at least all the ones we’ve provided for you. You should also be able to find new ones based on the qualities you’ll find in our collection.

If you have any questions, the FAQs we’ve provided after the list should help.

Website LinkAdd Business LinkFREE?DATrust FlowCitation Flow
AcxiomSubmit BusinessYES766050
Chamber of CommerceSubmit BusinessYES713749
FactualSubmit BusinessYES654144
Express UpdateSubmit BusinessYES464542
Neustar LocalezeSubmit BusinessYES633644
Map QuestSubmit BusinessNO958369
ZipLocalSubmit BusinessYES564849
Maps ConnectSubmit BusinessYES1003240
b2b YellowpagesSubmit BusinessYES545141
iBeginSubmit BusinessYES583855
BBBSubmit BusinessNO957168
Angies ListSubmit BusinessYES896961
Bing PlacesSubmit BusinessYES353847
Brown BookSubmit BusinessYES653951
City SearchSubmit BusinessYES905956
City SquaresSubmit BusinessYES612951
DandbSubmit BusinessYES675750
eLocalSubmit BusinessYES653760
E-Z LocalSubmit BusinessYES583440
FacebookSubmit BusinessYES1009085
FoursquareSubmit BusinessYES938269
GetFaveSubmit BusinessYES555549
HotFrogSubmit BusinessYES733142
Judys BookSubmit BusinessNO645446
KudzuSubmit BusinessYES816163
LocalSubmit BusinessYES805951
MantaSubmit BusinessYES876161
Merchant CircleSubmit BusinessYES884850
Mojo PagesSubmit BusinessYES804246
HereSubmit BusinessYES936062
Super PagesSubmit BusinessYES896861
Thumb TackSubmit BusinessYES856049
TupaloSubmit BusinessYES702544
Local YahooSubmit BusinessYES1005865
YasabeSubmit BusinessYES593441
Yellow BookSubmit BusinessYES915453
YellowBotSubmit BusinessYES797261
Yellow PagesSubmit BusinessYES927168
Yell PediaSubmit BusinessYES30119
YelpSubmit BusinessYES946268
WikiDomoSubmit BusinessYES361526
2FindLocalSubmit BusinessYES724755
Local 6qubeSubmit BusinessYES432542
Local botwSubmit BusinessYES705250
BizDaysSubmit BusinessYES211226
City DataSubmit BusinessYES886261
Cylex USASubmit BusinessYES553047
eBusiness PagesSubmit BusinessYES403246
Express business directorySubmit BusinessYES311843
Find the BestSubmit BusinessYES703950
For LocationsSubmit BusinessYES371943
FypleSubmit BusinessYES252437
Insider PagesSubmit BusinessYES834049
Business IntuitSubmit BusinessYES853839
IssuuSubmit BusinessYES945962
Local PagesSubmit BusinessYES442944
Magic YellowSubmit BusinessYES613352
Mister WhatSubmit BusinessYES463232
My Local ServicesSubmit BusinessYES322741
My LocallySubmit BusinessYES372441
My SheriffSubmit BusinessYES292037
My HuckleberrySubmit BusinessYES524848
My WebyellowSubmit Business???311023
OpendiSubmit BusinessYES462726
PennySaverSubmit BusinessYES572939
PinbudSubmit BusinessYES404744
Rate it AllSubmit BusinessYES12847
Sale SpiderSubmit BusinessYES585142
ShowMe LocalSubmit BusinessYES702852
TuugoSubmit BusinessYES482241
WampitSubmit BusinessYES211222
GPS Data TeamSubmit BusinessYES482643
YalwaSubmit BusinessYES402528
USBDNSubmit BusinessYES29021

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Things to Remember about Building in the US

If this is your first attempt at building citations in the U.S., you’ll be glad to know that it’s one of the easier countries out there for a variety of reasons. First, there are more citations out there for the U.S. exclusively than there are for any other countries.While there are many, some of them are a lot more influential than others. Most of the ones we’ve provided here are free, but you need to understand that may mean less information to submit.

Acxiom. Localeze, Infogroup and Factual are some that need particular attention. These 4 directories distribute their information to many smaller ones. Make sure you take advantage of the hundreds of citation opportunities this represents by filling them out. Just make sure that you send the right info, because if you don’t, incorrect rankings may be spread all over the internet.

Before you build anywhere, make sure that you aren’t building a duplicate listing. You’ll want to search for your listings on each directory before you attempt to create new ones.

FAQs—American Citations

How are these citations different from the ones you build? They aren’t, as long as you’re following the same standards for quality. This is the same list we previously used for our own U.S. citations. We update our real list monthly. Don’t worry though. It will be a long time before this list is out-of-date.

When will I see results? You may see results in as little as a few weeks after completing the list. Of course, that all depends on how much local competition you have, and how well-developed your local presence is already.