Citations for Real Estate Companies

Our curated list of real estate citations should be just what you need to start climbing local results in the U.S. If you’re unaware, citations are any instance of your name, address or phone number. Building citations refers to identifying and seizing these opportunities.

We’ve worked with a lot of U.S. real estate clients, and we’ve always found that citation building worked very well for them, whether they already had a backlinking strategy or not. Not all citations sources are created equal, but we’ve had plenty of time to tweak and research which ones work best. All of that work has gone into creating the list that you see below.

Business directories are not the only places you can put citations, but they do tend to be the most reliable. What you see below is a list of U.S directories. If you visit each of these directories and fill out all applicable information, you’ll enjoy the results of a professional citation building campaign. More information about building citations can be found after the list.

The Best Citation Sources for Realtors and Real Estate

Website NameDATrust FlowCitation FlowFREE?
Real State ABC19127NO
Luxury Real State695946NO
Rent List332131NO
Value Com503428YES
The Real State Library504429NO
Real State 4482421NO
ABC Real State Directory452321YES
Agent Preview402630YES
Real State Pros384527YES
Estate Sales402533NO
Real State Directory392328YES
Home Sales Online281820YES
Rental Ads392632YES
iQ Real State382426YES
Cut Above Realty Agents391334YES
Real State Home Sale362016NO
Property Pursuit351324YES
Us Real State Directory322117YES
America Real State Directory283027YES
Lake Homes USA322928NO
Estate Agents 123301324NO
Home Owners Circle26621YES
Real State Pro Guide261922YES
Real State Agent Listings261016NO
Find Local Condos1658YES
Local Apartment Find1957YES
Internacional Real State Directory482621NO
Real State Companies522732YES
Real State Yellow402228NO
Link RE512522NO
Directory Real State Agent341916YES
Estate Round422226NO
REI Depot322015YES
Property & Real State Directory371925YES
Home & Real State Directory201517YES
World Real State Directory372117NO
Real Estate World Directory292114NO
Real Estate World Blogs451919YES
Industry Estate2825YES
Homes For Sale by Owner331730YES
Habitat 360191216NO
Relocation Page23149NO
Movers Needs22916NO
Your Place for Real Estate161217-
Abi Real State261114NO
Premium Real Estate Directory21919NO
Family Friendly Realtors Directory1789YES
Portal Apartament19118NO
Property Directory20817NO
Search 4 Property15107NO
iReal State Global1868NO
Estate Directory21119YES
REI Free Classifieds1828YES
Real Estate-Directory172115-
Great Real Estate Directory2108NO
Best Realty Directory311210NO
Spot a Real State Agent14011NO
List House1861NO
Real State Hill13105NO
Super Real State Directory1706NO
Real State Hall12104NO
Real Bulls31129YES
Net Savvy Agent362318NO
eReal State Central21118NO
Directory REM1317NO
Portal RE1704NO
Real State Corporate14126NO
iReal State Web1859NO
My Buyers Agent708YES
Rosepetal Estate2619YES
Bold Realty2719YES
Good News Realty27129YES
Realty Nest2629YES

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Using Our Citations

We’ve done the hard work for you by tracking down the best U.S. business directories to put these citations. All you need to do now is start filling them out. The “submit business” link we’ve included for each citation takes even more work out of it. Simply click the provided link and start filling in your information to begin building.

Now, there are a lot of these, and they can take a while to fill out and verify, so you may feel the urge to take shortcuts. There aren’t many rules when it comes to building citations, but you’re never going to do as well if you aren’t fully investing in the profile creation. You should be including as much information as possible for each profile.

We’re here to help if the time or repetition gets to you. Our team has been building citations for years now, and we can rapidly complete orders without sacrificing the quality and accuracy you demand when filling them out yourself.