Pet Service Citations—Use These Directories

Building citations doesn’t get any easier than our rich list of business directories for pet services. The list available on this page is the same one we’ve used to help our clients with their own marketing efforts. Now you can launch your own strategy for free.

With our list below, you have everything you need. Each link that appears in the “add business link” column takes you right to the registration page for a new directory. Register a profile for your business on each one, and your strategy will be underway.

Any questions you have will be answered in the FAQ section that appears right after our list.

Website LinkAdd Business LinkDATrust FlowCitation FlowFREE?
Bring FidoSubmit Business564447YES
My Pet Care DirectorySubmit Business162425YES
Pet ClueSubmit Business2100NO
Raising SpotSubmit Business262031NO
Pet Sitting DirectorySubmit Business263031YES
Pet ServicesSubmit Business292738YES
Pet People SpaceSubmit Business412333?
DogsterSubmit Business684754YES
Pet JunctionSubmit Business63033NO
Certified Pet FriendlySubmit Business1700YES
Pet Services DirectorySubmit Business9817NO
Planet PetsSubmit Business314637YES
MOdern Dog GroupSubmit Business101824YES
Pet SitsSubmit Business475745NO
Ep PetsSubmit Business100YES
4 Paws Pet StuffSubmit Business1000YES
Vet ClickSubmit Business293944YES
Trips With PetsSubmit Business496046NO
4 Your PetSubmit Business171612YES
Directory PetsSubmit Business172423NO
Pets 6Submit Business171523NO
Find Dog Day CareSubmit Business13012YES
A Pet DirectorySubmit Business202726NO
My Posh PetzSubmit Business131010YES
Shear Pleasure PetsSubmit Business234431YES
All Pet Web SitesSubmit Business32017YES
Poop ButlerSubmit Business292934?
Top Pet ServicesSubmit Business13015YES
Directory PetSubmit Business242828NO
People With PetsSubmit Business404741YES
Online 4 The PetsSubmit Business30432YES
Just PetsSubmit Business212320?
Pet PagesSubmit Business312846NO
Project DogSubmit Business181520YES
Review Pet GroomersSubmit Business17014YES
Pet AgeSubmit Business384644?
Pet Shop IndexSubmit Business222627NO
Pet BulletinSubmit Business141118NO

Get the Answers You Need about Building Citations

How to Begin

You’ve got all the tools you need right here. Citations are just the business listings that you’re building on each of the websites that we’ve linked out to. Follow the complete list and build out each one in order to see the best results.

How to Build Citations Well

To build citations well, you need to make accuracy an absolute priority. Using a form-filler for this task is helpful, even recommended, but be very aware of the risk of introducing errors. Double and triple-check your information before you submit.

Citations with incorrect information may compete against yours as a separate business. If you build bad citations in the wrong place, they can be populated across dozens of other directories. Ask us about citation cleaning if you run into this problem.

How to Keep the Strategy Going

After this list is completed, you need to find even more sites. That part can be a lot harder, and you can try our team if you have trouble. Citations have been our focus for many years. We build many different kinds of citations, and we also work to promote them.