Locksmith Citations—Fill Out Those Business Directories!

Citations are the power that can take your locksmith listings to the front page, and the more of them you build the better. We’re here to take the guesswork out of that undertaking by providing you with all the finest business directories for locksmiths. Simply by using this list and following the instructions, you can build a powerful local search strategy on your own.

Citations, if you’re new to them, is a listing of your name, address or phone number online. Really, citations built in many places may have results, but the ones placed on relevant and authoritative business directories are going to be the most successful. A list of the most relevant citations for blacksmiths is exactly what we’ve provided for you here. Just follow along the list and visit each of the sites. The links will take you exactly where you need to go to create an account and post your profile.

If you want to learn more about citation building, check out our tips that follow the list.

Website NameAdd Business LinkDATrust FlowCitation FlowFREE?
Directory LocksmithSubmit Business1014NO
Locksmiths FinderSubmit Business202431YES
USA Locksmith DirectorySubmit Business1885YES
Nations LockSubmit Business1602YES
Locksmiths SearchSubmit Business252023YES
Locksmith LedgerSubmit Business353829YES
Locksmiths IndexSubmit Business281121YES
Local LocksmithsSubmit Business282032YES
Locksmiths.NetSubmit Business222032YES
Auto Locksmith FinderSubmit Business18417YES
24 Hour LocksmithSubmit Business1504NO
Locksmith DirectorySubmit Business231424YES
Liberty SafeSubmit Business415135NO
Las Vegas LocksmithSubmit Business1---
WebioSubmit Business16929NO
Get Locksmith JobsSubmit Business1506YES
Locksmith DirectorySubmit Business14232NO
The Fair Trade Locksmith DirectorySubmit Business61016YES
Find A LocksmithSubmit Business402327-
Find My LocksmithSubmit Business17020YES
Texas Locksmith DirectorySubmit Business1707YES
Lock Smith hqSubmit Business100-
Locksmiths NationwideSubmit Business1872YES
Locksmith AssistSubmit Business30223YES
Locksmiths ReaderSubmit Business1772YES
Locksmith NetworkSubmit Business1109NO
Directory Maximum ExposureSubmit Business311626NO

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There are simple but important rules to follow when building citations. One, include as much information as the directory will allow. That means name, address and number at absolute minimum. Whenever you can add more information, you absolutely should. You don’t want your profiles to be confused with other businesses, because that will just mean doing work on their behalf.

You want to build as many of these citations as you can, starting with all of the ones that we’ve provided for you in the list. We’ve tried to gather the ones that are most relevant to locksmiths, but you can find many more of them out there. We can build citations for you if the work gets to you. It takes a long time to build them, but we can do it rapidly from our proprietary lists of top directories.