Limo Service Citation Sources

All local businesses should be taking advantage of the power that Google Maps has to offer. If you need a way to get more attention on local results, new listings may be the answer. A citation building campaign is all about creating the best local listings, and as many of them as possible. Normally, you’d have to pay for a good citation campaign, but this time, you can perform your own with the tools we’ve provided.

What we’ve provided for you in the next section is the very same list we use when building citations for our car service clients. Every time we take on a client in a new line of work, or from a new country, we research and create a list of all the best business directories for that specific need. We’ve worked with a lot of drivers, so we have a very well-developed list.

Using the list is very simple. All you need to do is follow the links to each registration page, and fill in accurate information for your business. You may feel tempted to stop after a few, but you’re only going to get the results you want when you’ve done a lot of them. For the best results, do them all.

Questions? We’ve got FAQs after the list.

Website LinkAdd Business LinkDATrust FlowCitation FlowFREE?
Limo Directory USASubmit Business18928YES
LimosSubmit Business575445?
Car Service DirectorySubmit Business291730YES
Limo FindSubmit Business282129YES
US Limo DirectorySubmit Business333334?
Limo StandSubmit Business11418NO
Limousine RegistrySubmit Business302640YES
USA LimosSubmit Business322936YES
Limo Service DirectorySubmit Business231327YES
Las Vegas LimousineSubmit Business16318YES
Limo HostingSubmit Business293029?
Limousine Service DirectorySubmit Business231127YES
Limo MatchSubmit Business171628?
Chicago Limo DirectorySubmit Business161417YES
Find Limo ServicesSubmit Business1013YES
Limousine SitesSubmit Business431428NO
Limos At your ServiceSubmit Business252119?
Limo for HireSubmit Business252030YES
Limo PagesSubmit Business343332?
LimousinesSubmit Business384634?
Limousine DirectorySubmit Business333430YES
Limo GrabberSubmit Business302928YES
Go ServicesSubmit Business322232NO
Limo Link ExchangeSubmit Business352831?
Limo ProsSubmit Business383534NO
Atlas LimousineSubmit Business23321?
4-LimoSubmit Business18714YES
Limos HeavenSubmit Business17013YES
Limo FinderSubmit Business161022NO
Limo ServicesSubmit Business16014NO
L.B. TonySubmit Business181519?
Limo OnlineSubmit Business222726?
Limo DealsSubmit Business433052YES
Limousine Service USASubmit Business283335NO
Limo DirectorySubmit Business7016YES
Limo Service Yellow PagesSubmit Business9413?
Limo DirectorySubmit Business241625YES
Capitol LimoSubmit Business171224YES
Global LimosSubmit Business322243?
Colo LimoSubmit Business232333NO
Travel AxisSubmit Business403132YES
Cheapo LimoSubmit Business800YES

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How do I use citations?

Once you’ve created them, your work is done. It may take a few weeks for the new information to update to each search engine, but once it has, you may start seeing immediate improvements in your Google Maps rank.

Should I submit to other directories?

Yes! Not all directories will be as relevant as the ones we’ve gathered, and as a result they may perform sluggishly, but the worst case scenario is that you’ve lost the time.

What citation services do you offer?

Building, repairs, audits and more. If you need help with citations, no team is more multi-talented.