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Lawyers need to be competitive when it comes to landing clients, and we can help. We’ve been building citations for lawyers all over the world, and our experience has made it progressively easier to promote our legal clients and help them improve their search engine presence. Building citations is a very effective strategy when it comes to ranking, and we’ve been doing it long enough to understand the best possible ways of doing it.

The list below represents what we’ve learned while assisting lawyers. It contains some of the best and highest-performing US business directories possible for people in the legal field. Stay tuned after the list for advice on how to develop citations for yourself.

Website NameDATrust FlowCitation Flow Free?
1-2 Law16214YES
3 Attorneys1958YES
A1 Personal Injury lawyers191519YES
American Institute Of Legal Counsel212322NO
American Lawyer Referral281524NO
Anoka County Bar Association181815-
Attorney Directory331923YES
Attorney Help341514-
Attorney Lawyer List221019YES
Attorney Mind100YES
Attorney Pages434236NO
Attorneys Web List100YES
Attorney Yellow Pages292720YES
Bankruptcy Attorney Directory191015NO
Bankruptcy Attorney List1100-
Bicycle Accident Lawyer1304NO
Brain Injury Lawyer Directory1327NO
Car Accident Lawyer Directory13714NO
Center for Legal Solution20631YES
Cerebral Palsy Lawyer1227NO
Construction Accident Lawyer1267NO
Custody Attorneys181412YES
Divorce Attorney Directory1327NO
Divorce Law Finder1---
Dog Bite Lawyer14138NO
Domestic Violence Attorney Directory13014NO
Family Attorney Directory1349NO
Find a Lawyer 12318916YES
Find a Medical Malpractice Attorney231723YES
Find a Personal Injury Attorney312328YES
Find Law897954YES
Global Law Directories211623YES
Houstons Best Attorneys105-
IAM Attorney16027YES
Injury Attorney Directory13118NO
Injury Lawyer Directory14415NO
Insta Law221027NO
Instant Law1900-
Justice Finder473025YES
Law Dee Da21718YES
Law Firm Offices20116NO
Law Firm Portal1900YES
Law Link411830-
Law Locator182118-
Law of the Land172414YES
Law Referral Connect391121-
Law Research393439NO
Lawyer Directory2689NO
Lawyer Map25426YES
Lawyer Central373123YES
Lawyer Find Online271423YES
Lawyer INTL343630NO
Lawyer in Town2106YES
Lawyer Legion292024NO
Lawyer Lighthouse18437YES
Lawyer Links271122NO
Lawyer Loops16115YES
Lawyer of New York22834YES
Lawyers Attorneys Usa22010YES
Lawyers Guide233126YES
Lawyers Reviews18428NO
Lawyer Usa1819-
Law Zam16822YES
Legal Advice371829YES
Legal Directories352122YES
Legal Fee Financing14520YES
Legal X351531NO
Medical Malpractice Lawyer1199NO
Military Divorce Online431413YES
More Law434233YES
Moshe Page1700YES
Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Directory1128NO
My Attorney Directory291419YES
My Legal Practice261528YES
My Us Attorneys608YES
Personal Lawyers2348YES
Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer1427NO
State Bar of Nevada572828YES
Oregon State Bar685239YES
Personal-Injury las Vegas121215YES
Personal Injury352129YES
Personal Injury Lawyer4014-
Personal Lawyers2348YES
Product Liability Lawyer Directory13111NO
Find Law89613YES
Safe Legal Files18613YES
Slip And Fall Lawyer Directory1306NO
Super Lawyers856647YES
Target Law331429YES
Texas Attorney Directory1569YES
The Law HQ13810YES
The National Trial Lawyers643530YES
Thinking About Getting Divorced1338YES
Truck Accident Lawyer1699NO
Usa Attorneys20413YES
Us Law Firms Lawyers1979YES
Us Lawyers Local16015YES
Workplace Accident Lawyer Directory13714NO
Wrongful Death Attorney Directory1349NO
Best Lawyers614337YES
Wallet Hub613133YES
Us Legal532436NO
Divorce Magazine525136YES
Lead Counsel444130YES
State Lawyers443630NO
Legal HelpMate39 2031NO
Law Firm Directory392728NO
Gay LawNet343425YES
Bail Bond351830YES
Town Court37016NO
Find a Criminal Defense Attorney34016YES
Alpha Legal Directory243523YES
Attorneys Lawyer2558YES
Lawyers db31626YES
Law Files251824YES
Lawyer Profiles242424NO
Legal Web Finder243122YES
Legal Menu301931YES
Courthouse Square262323YES
Find a Bankruptcy Lawyer261724YES
Find a Family Attorney262126YES
AP Lawyers261827NO
Us Attorney Network16017NO
Find a Lawyer Free23017YES
Get Lawyers Online191124NO
Attorneys Lawyers21915YES
Criminal Attorney Directory131014NO
Dui Attorney Directory14615NO

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Citation Building for Lawyers in the United States

It’s not hard to create and benefit from citations. These links all represent US business directory opportunities for you to publish your name, address, phone number to different profiles. To best take advantage of these opportunities, make sure you create one profile for each of them. Maximizing the effect of citations heavily depends on how many you create, and how well they are created. For the best effect, make sure you fill out each profile completely.

This can be a very long and exhausting process, but we’re here to help if you need us. Our team has been building citations for years, and we can create and maintain your citations for a very competitive price. Check out our building packages, and call us when you’re ready to get started.

Tips for Lawyers:

  • Some sites allow you to create a profile for both the law firm and for the attorney for that firm. Take advantage of this!
  • Some business directories require the license of the attorney, associations, the specific field/area of practice
  • Some of the above sites are specific for some area in legal niche like dui, personal injury, criminal attorney and etc, and might not be useful for other law firms.