US Accommodation Citation Sources

Citation building is a powerful advertising strategy for hotel owners. It’s already important that hotels appear in as many U.S. business directories as possible, and the power it gives you to rank on search results is just icing on the cake. We’ve built successful strategies for hotel owners over the many years we’ve been doing this, and that experience has helped us pick out the best directories and citation opportunities that exist in this niche.

Our list of the best directories for hotels appears below, along with some structure that should make it easy for you to follow our work, and start your own. The list you see below is really all you need to get started, but after the list, we’ve included some advice for people who are new to creating citations.

The Best Citation Sources for Hotels in the United States

Website NameDATrust FlowCitation FlowFREE?
Trip Advisor949167YES
Late Rooms806044YES
Bed and Breakfast766743NO
BB Online653729YES
Hotel Planner583737YES
Hotels & Travel472534YES
Metro Manager423236YES
The Bed and Breakfast Pages382625YES
Budget Bellhop19610YES
Pets Can Stay434629NO
Pillow Finder431934YES
Value Trips281918YES
Local Bed Breakfast1908YES
Hotels Combined805055NO
Hotel Club863648NO
Bed and Breakfast World392329YES
Hotel Base493532YES
The Bed & Breakfast Directory513230YES
Self Catering392729YES
Eco Tropical Resorts292529NO
Travel Net341623NO
Hotel Bean412325YES
Discover Tourism221012YES
When We RV282333YES
Hotel Travel675152NO
Hotel Authority10915YES
Hotel Resource361717NO
Hotel Motel Directory641130YES
NH Hotel Group762931YES
Hotel Management Firms Directory431928YES
Bed and Breakfasts641623YES
Bed and Breakfasts Now642730YES
Purple Roofs454336YES
All Bed and Breakfast261819NO
BnB Finder525238NO
BnB S.E.O181314YES
American Bed Breakfast121318NO
The Inn Keeper464729NO
Pine River Ranch311914-

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Using our Citations for Hotel Owners

While the process can be time consuming, building citations is not difficult. Everything you need is already on our list. A citation is just any opportunity you have to drop your name, address or phone number. You mostly want to leave these on U.S. business directories, sites that are built to host business profiles. Citations typically perform much better on these types of sites.

To create a citation on any site, you just need to follow the instructions they give you when creating your profile. Thanks to our list, you already know which sites you need to target. Now, you just have to go to each of them and build out your profiles. When building profiles, you want to fill out as much information as they’ll allow. This will prevent confusion and give you the best chance at ranking.

Our team can take the lead if citation building is taking longer than you’d like. We are among the most experienced teams online, and we have affordable packages that offer you high power and high value.