Build Gardening Citations with Our Big List of Directories

We’ve got the perfect resource for you if you need to build tons of new citations for gardening businesses. Building citations, or online business listings, is our focus at Loganix, and our team has created targeted lists for every industry our clients represent. Good lists are important, because many citations need to be built to have any effect.

We’re sharing some of those lists, so you can find out exactly what kind of research and work we do. The list you see below is the one that we’ve created for gardeners, and people who run other types of horticultural services.

The list you see below contains links to the biggest business directories that serve these kinds of companies. When you’ve created a profile for your business on each one, you’ll have successfully started and completed your own campaign. If things get sticky, you can refer to the quick tips we’ve arranged for you after the list.

Website LinkAdd Business LinkDATrust FlowCitation FlowFREE?
Home AdvisorSubmit Business763636?
LandscapeSubmit Business231532YES
Find Local LandscapersSubmit Business18420YES
Landscaping CompaniesSubmit Business243232YES
Trusted ProsSubmit Business272640?
Landscapers DirectSubmit Business233930NO
Lawncare DirectorySubmit Business262631NO
Landscaping DBSubmit Business17022YES
Landscape and LawnsSubmit Business52517YES
Better Lawn CareSubmit Business251731YES
Diurectory Home BlueSubmit Business484333YES
Lawn Care CompaniesSubmit Business11014YES
Your Lawn Care Basics CoachSubmit Business13026YES
Locals Landscape ProsSubmit Business100?
World of Lawn CareSubmit Business181323YES
Lawns Care Service HQSubmit Business111620YES
Lawn CareSubmit Business12722NO
Directory For ContractorsSubmit Business68423NO
The Landscape Design SiteSubmit Business3525?
Home Builder ContractorSubmit Business293331YES
Landscape Contractor ReviewsSubmit Business1015YES
HouzzSubmit Business915964YES

Getting Started

It’s so easy to build citations that we can explain it in a few sentences. All you are doing is building new listings for your business. The column in our list marked “Add Business Link” will even take you to the exact page you need. Fill out the information, submit the profile, and move on to the next one. That’s as hard as it gets.

Of course, “easy” isn’t the same as leisurely. We have to admit, it’s going to take you a long time even with all the hardest work done for you. If you like our work, you may want to consider hiring our team to build out all of your citations for you.

We can do it quickly, and we’ll use directories and new types of citations that don’t appear on any of our public lists. We can also help you out if you need to clean up bad citations or find out where all of your existing ones are currently placed.