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Citation building can be a powerful strategy for many types of professionals, and doctors with private practices are no exception. Using our citation building techniques, we’ve helped physicians all over the world better advertise themselves to the clients who require their services. Building citations is one of the most powerful strategies for getting attention from customers researching caregivers online, and we’ve used our experience to track down the best directories for doctors.

We’re willing to share some of what we’ve learned with doctors who need to get some more attention online. These US business directories are some of the best-performing we’ve found when it comes to ranking profiles for medical professionals. Read past our list to find out how to use our citations sources and get help.

Citation Building for Doctors in the United States

Website NameDATrust FlowCitation FlowFREE?
Mayo Clinic938566YES
Web MD937666YES
Everyday Health846260-
Medical News Today864852YES
Mind Body Green75 3452YES
Health Links596145YES
Medical Health Sites35122YES
Web Directory Health413434NO
Medical Health Directory323636YES
Health Directorymoz373328YES
Med India593836YES
Health Links30119YES
Health and Beauty Listings341517YES
Pharmacy Link Directory131210NO
Help Self751012-
eHealth Sites30--NO
Alternative Health Directory29918YES
Health Excite252624NO
Pregnancy Directory262826YES
Health Open272625YES
Us Health Services242122YES
New Health Directory233123NO
2 Health Directory262824YES
WS Directory8014YES
Health Searching262723YES
Hematology Links251515YES
Health Chitchat24516YES
All Health Directory22018YES
Medical Science181515NO
ARES Health24718YES
Health Develop181716NO
eMedi News32013NO
Health and Nutrition Directory19616YES
Health Fitness Nutrition221517YES
Ottawa Psychologists27017NO
Port Health161217NO
Health Echo332218NO
Big Health Directory192325NO
Directory Care22817NO
Site Fitness191119NO
iHealth Directory12013YES
Healthy Hyperlinks23013YES
iHealth Index22013YES
Health Intro Directory14018YES
Health Directory 411233121NO
Look Health Fit312416YES
Directory Healthy353229NO
Health 4 Care27013YES
eNatural Therapy221625YES
Review Dermatologists241033YES
Q Hospitals14430YES
HE Business Directory18722YES
Dot Health322431YES
Medical Device Directory141338YES
MDT Medical Design Thechnology513429YES
Sutter Medical Foundation623633-
Web Ptc37--YES
Free Clinic Directory221931YES
Health Net593234YES
Bio Pharm Guy252326NO
U Compare Health Care442841NO
Zoc Doc817657NO
Third Age676751NO
Care Pathways453627NO
Home Health Care Agencies412930YES
Health Ratings15013YES
Chiro Directory443644YES
123 Chiropractors432728NO
Local Chiropractors381445YES
Usa Chiropractor232027YES
Chiro Search191329YES
Discover Chiropractors12019NO
Find Local Chiropractor22016YES
I Love Chiropractor19820NO
Find a Chiropractor141225NO
Chiropractors Clinics231113NO
Real Self614748YES
Sussex Directories32719YES
Doctor Directory371718NO
Dialysis Finder333132YES
Doctor Base392731YES
Online Surgery342329NO
Doctors Dig352546YES
Health Directory3300YES
Lab Draw37530YES
Vision Directory321725YES
Health Care Near You251422YES
Book of Doctors2400YES
Buprenorphine Doctors232128NO
Clinic Search21816YES
All Practices182129YES
Doctor in Town1600YES
Health Care Hiring303229YES
Opthamologist Pages17818YES
1800 Dentist555340NO
Doctor Oogle442526YES
America Smiles403251NO
Free Dental Care332441YES
Every Dentist401723YES
Orthodontist Pages283828NO
Dentist Dig353253YES
Implant Directory284432YES
Dental Center252537YES
Usa Dentist192949NO
Alt Health Search364734NO
Natural Medicine332226YES
Alternative Medicine Practices283247YES
Lotus Guide312530YES
Usa Massage Therapist253228YES
Alternative Medicine Directory314328YES
Holistic Therapies Directory25519YES
Essential Wellness211420YES
Holistic Alternative Practioners153025YES
Wellness Directory Online12031YES
Plastic Cosmetic Surgeries151316YES
Local Plastic Surgery11011YES
All About Counseling543634YES
All Therapist463240YES
Network Therapy402731NO
eHealth Scores372428YES
Assisted Living Facilities463231YES
My Senior Care403730YES
Child Care Center332933YES
Our Parents325036YES
Pre K Smarties372724NO
Day Care342516NO
Where to Find Care331422YES
Nursing Home Info363334YES
Assisted Living Info274647YES
Seniors Guide Online314432YES
Care LuLu28613YES
Metro Day Care342527NO
Huge Domains912833NO
Local Day Care Provider191121YES
a Place for Mom595744NO
Senior Homes493239YES
Senior Service Directory294028YES
Locate a Doc451723YES
FSN Hospitals433345YES
Clinic Book2900YES
Free Clinics332135YES
Rate MDs573132YES
Pharma Technology Index321615YES
Where is my Doctor31011YES
Med e Guide271531NO
International Health Directory263024NO
Psych Directory244131NO
Bowen Directory343725NO
Info Holix333027YES
Spa Finder615942YES
Good Therapy695451NO
Therapy Tribe392737NO
New Life Styles492024NO
Real Diaper Industry412227YES

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Using Our Citation Sources

Our citation sources are easy to use. If you want to start ranking your profiles in your area, all you need to do is start creating profiles for each of the US business directories we’ve listed here. You can start with the free ones if you’re on a budget, but you’ll want to complete all of them if you want to have the best chance of getting results.

Make sure that you fill out every bit of information when you’re making the profiles. At absolute minimum, you need to include your name, address and phone number. This can take a long time, and our builders can help if you don’t want to do it alone. Talk to us today about our citation building packages.