US Dentist Citation Sources

Citation building is an effective strategy for many kinds of professionals, and dentists in particular can benefit. We’ve been doing this for years now, and in that time, we’ve had some great opportunities to help dentists and the agencies representing them reach more eager clients than either thought possible. Our work has left us with a well-developed list of US business directories that perform very well for dentists, and we’re willing to share that information with you.

What you see below is a list of the best directories for dentists, combined with some organization that should make it easy for you to develop citations on your own. This list is really all you need to start climbing search engine results, but read on after the list if you need to know more about working with citations and directories.

The Best Citation Sources for Dentists in the United States

Website NameDATrust FlowCitation FlowFree?
1-800 Dentist555340NO
Every Dentist401723YES
Geo Dentist274031YES
Dentist Dig353253YES
USA Dentist192949NO
Zoc Doc816945NO
Third AGE616037NO
uCompare Health Care441936NO
Health Profs322624YES
Dr. Oogle442427YES
FSN Hospitals432534YES
America Smiles401937NO
Free Dental Care331427YES
Free Clinics10011YES
Orthodontist Pages282623NO
Lab Draw371028YES
Dental Implant Dentists282721YES
Dentistry in World292320YES
Clinic Book2900 YES
International Health Directory26177NO
Health Care Near You25716NO
Dental Center251522NO
Free Clinic Directory221420YES
Clinic Search21617YES
Health Ratings18013YES
Optometrist Directory17016YES
Dentists Directory20510YES
Find Local Dentist16612YES
Local Dental22611YES
Dentist in Town1506YES
Dentists v2.0151821YES
Cosmetic Dentist Directory14111NO
Cosmetic Dentist Search15016YES
Ouch My Tooth221320-
Mercury Free Dentists301214YES
Leading Dentists361930NO
Index Dentist2132NO
Dot Dentists23514NO
Denta Gama251629YES
Dentist Directory 41119013NO
Teeth Directory12013NO
Smile ABC15128NO
Dentist Comparisons26415YES
Frog Dentist Finder1565YES
PHP Link Directory17013NO
Health Directory Online26227YES
Health Global Directory2736NO
Social Dental Network271113NO
American Dental Association897848NO
American Dental Association622832NO
The Original Dental Shopper201016YES
Dental Tade Alliance383028NO
Dental Plans542738NO
eLocal Dentists56013YES
American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry753336-
Dentists 4 Kids454331YES
Directory Dental20137NO
Delta Dental726038-
Delta Dentalins654434NO

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Using Our Citations for Dentists

If you’re unclear on the terminology, citations are any instance of your Name, Address or Phone number (NAP), while directories are websites that are designed to host citations. There are many other places you can create citations, but the U.S. business directories above are designed for that purpose, and typically perform very well on their own.

To create a citation, all you need to do is create an account for each directory and then create a profile. This will give you the chance to post all of your information, and you should absolutely post all of it. The more information you have on your profiles, the fewer issues you’ll have with ranking or being confused with other businesses by search engines.

If you find that citation building is too time-consuming for you, you may want to consider letting our team handle it for you. Our citation-building team is one of the most experienced online, and our affordable packages make it easy and affordable to create and manage all of your citations.