Citations for Chiropractors—Top Business Directories

If you want to rank local as a chiropractor, you need citations. These listings, including any instance of your name, address or phone number, form an authoritative network when search engines are judging the relevance and legitimacy of your business. You can place citations just about anywhere, but the ones that make the most difference will always be the ones that are placed on sites designed to cater to them: Business directories.

Business directories are exactly what we’ve gathered for you, below. Just tossing your citations up on any directory won’t do. You want to focus on targeting all the directories that are specifically designed for businesses like yours. That’s not just better for ranking purposes, it’s better for driving people with immediate interest in your services right into your arms. What appears below are the best directories we’ve found for the locksmith niche. The list is followed by a little advice about building citations.

Website NameDATrust FlowCitation FlowFREE?
Zoc Doc816947NO
third AGE676039NO
CHIRO Directory442533YES
123 Chiropractors431826NO
Local Chiropractors381537YES
Chiropractor Today2158YES
Discover Chiropractors12010NO
Find Local Chiropractor22011NO
I Love Chiropractor1718YES
Find a Chiropractor14616NO
SEO Website Design Company23616NO
Chiro Scope1839YES
Chiropractor Directory1200NO
Americas Top Chiropractors11911YES
Chiropractor Directory & Find Chiropractic Service Professionals6400YES
Chiropractic Websites412024NO
Health Profs322431YES
Chiropractic Society171410-
Chiropractor Deals1--YES
Chiro Hub272114YES
Illinois Chiropractic Society503135NO
Chiropractic Truth382525YES
Portland Metro Area Business Directory64811YES

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If you’re new to citations, you’re in luck. This couldn’t be simpler, even if it can get a little boring. We’ve done the hardest work for you, which is gathering up all the sources. Now all that remains for you to do is click the link and follow each website’s instructions for building profiles. Of course, there’s also a correct way to build profiles.

When building profiles, you want to be as thorough as possible. It’s absolutely crucial that you cover at least the name, address and phone number parts of the profile, but you want to add as much information as each one will let you.  This greatly minimizes the risk of your profiles being confused for businesses with similar names or your former locations.