US Car Dealer Citation Sources

Citation building can be powerfully-effective for car dealerships looking for more attention in search results. In the many years that we’ve been building and managing citations, we’ve worked with plenty of car dealerships. Our experience has allowed us to narrow down some of the best places for them, or the agencies representing them, to start planting and developing profiles. The information that we’ve gathered is now available for you to use.

This list contains the best business directories for car dealers. Creating profiles on each of these websites will allow you to enjoy the results of a complete citation-building campaign, if you’re willing to put in the work. Check out our tips below the list to make the most of the information we’ve provided for you.

The Best Citation Sources for Car Dealerships

Website NameDATrust FlowCitation FlowFree?
kelley Blue Book857447YES
Cars For Sale645034NO
Car Gurus595446NO
Classic Cars534635NO
New Cars463736NO
Just Good Cars364329YES
Auto Finder421932NO
Local Car Dealerships35932YES
Best Car Finder301929YES
Car Dealers Usa26119YES
New Car Dealerships283026YES
Automobile 101311212YES
The Automotive Directory312726YES
My Dealer Report272923NO
Auto Sales Directory262120YES
Motor Home Directory233220YES
Auto Dealer Directory24917YES
Buy N Pay Here23519YES
Auto 8022159YES
Auto Dealer Base212316NO
Auto Buy Dealer181411YES
Auto Dealer Directory29917YES
Auto Dealers Parts and Repairs1358NO
Free Auto Network16310YES
Auto Dealer Us15513YES
Cars 9201058YES
Local Motorcycle Dealers20611YES
Domestic Sale474830YES
Classic Car Finder954YES
100 Auto Guias281417YES
100 Auto Guide24712-
2040 Cars232638YES
Advertise Cars Free1529-
Car Rental Companies16210-
Austin Trucks For Sale100 YES
Auto Blog897064YES
Auto Body471924YES
Auto Body Alliance261721YES
Regional Directory453336NO
Metro Manager423749-
Repair Pal201820NO
Drag Times4800YES
Auto Body471924YES
Transport Web454829YES
Driver Side392130NO
Auto MD422131YES
Extreme Wrench281530YES
Bimmer Shops333632YES
The Automotive Directory292726YES
Auto Repair Companies232316YES
Motor Home Directory233220-
Auto Jobs1659YES
Volvo Mechanics221124YES
Local Auto Parts23611YES
Local Auto Painting18612YES
Auto Repair Key17516NO
Car Auto Dealers27214-
Car Dealer Check381525YES
Car Dealer in Town1206YES
Car Dealers Buy Here Pay Here1000-
Car Dealers Near You231011YES
Car Deal Expert421234NO
Chevy Dealer352725YES
Wabash Plain Dealer381827YES
Dealer Beyond Classifieds1500YES
Dealer 24x711159-
Dealer 500105-
Dealer HQ16527NO
Dealer Rater644744YES
Dealership Listings2138YES
GO Dealer35235YES
My Dealer Report252930-
New Car Dealer Search1200YES
Top Dealers Usa15013YES
Truck Car Dealers17010YES
Uno Car Dealers291226YES
Used Car Dealer Classifieds1400YES

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Using Our Citations for Car Dealers

You can create citations (searchable instances of your name, address, phone number and other information) in many different places, but the directories we’ve identified above are designed to host this information. You can expect the profiles you create on legitimate directories to have some staying power and more reliably contribute to your search engine rank.

Creating citations isn’t hard. We’ve already done the hard work for you by picking the right directories. Now all you have to do is follow the account and profile creation policies on each one. Once you create an account on any of these business directories, you need to create a profile for your car dealership. When creating profiles, include as much information as it gives the directory gives you the ability to.

Creating citations is not hard, but it can take a whole lot of time. If you find building takes up too much of your time, consider letting our team handle the work. We have some great citation building packages that can save you time for a great price.