The Best Brazilian Business Directories

We’ve got the solution you need if you’re trying to promote your business, or a client’s business, in Brazil. You can skip directly to our list of the best citations in Brazil, or read on to learn more about how to take advantage of it.

Using our List of Brazilian Business Directories

You may know Loganix by our reputation. We deal with citation auditing, building and cleaning. We’ve been working with all kinds of citations all over the world for several years now. These are basically just online listings of your name, address or phone number, but they play a powerful part in any local ranking strategy. By building new citations, and even just cleaning up the incorrect ones we come across during audits, we can quickly move a business to a higher rank in search results.

When building citations, it has always been necessary to track down the best possible sources for those citations, and that meant creating long lists of good sources for every single country where we offered our services. Since we offer our services for every country, we’ve developed quite a library.

The ones that you see below are the ones that we’ve developed for Brazil. In order to start a citation building strategy for your own business, you just need to follow each “Add Business Link” you see below to sign up to each website and enter the information requested. If you’d like to learn more about how to make citations, we’ve included some tips on that, and working in Brazil, below the list.

Brazil’s Best Citation Sources

Website NameDAFREE?Trust Flow Citation Flow
Bras YP20YES323
The Rio Times52YES3039
Brazil Travel Vacation30YES2425
Made In Brazil5?00
Brazil Biz45?035
Sao Paulo City Star46NO2015
Brazil South America Company1YES00
Firm Folder22YES425
Mercado Livre73YES6254
Hot Frog38YES1726
B2 Brazil23YES017
Guia De Servicios49YES929
Guia Mais60NO3541
eu Achei Facil22YES3324
Encontra SP38YES1936
Anunciar Facil26YES123
Guia De Anuncios25YES012
Local Cidade15YES00
Mister What38YES3333
Directorio Empresas36YES2525
Ta na Mao19YES825
Muito Mais ABC17YES00
123 Achei38?1029
We Proc1?00
Web Negocio22YES09
Pages 2419YES2425
Citi Servi27YES817
Lista Empresas1?00
Lista Mais32NO832
Mais ABC18YES430
Ache Certo35?2831

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Brazilian Citations 101

If you’re trying to promote a business in Brazil, building citations is a great way to start. There is a right and a wrong way to handle the building, however. It should go without saying that you need to make sure that everything on your new citations is absolutely correct. Spreading bad citations can stop growth in its tracks until they’re tracked down and fixed, and that can take a very long time.

While watching the quality closely, you should still build as many citations as you possibly can. There are pretty much no consequences to filling out an entry for each business directory that you can find. Finding the good directories can be the hard part, but we’ve already completed that part for you.