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With our Loganix blog writers you don’t have to spend time researching topics, recruiting someone to write it, and proofing each post. Our service does all of the heavy lifting for you with proven copywriting that is optimized for search engines. We have a team of talented writers with years of experience writing quality and 100% original content that will generate more traffic and engagement for your business.

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Search Optimized Blog Content

How are we able to ensure your blog successfully increases traffic and engagement? By following the same SEO copywriting guide we wrote ourselves that gives us an edge on our competitors. Our writers come with over 5 years of SEO experience, giving them proven expertise on structuring blog content that ranks high in search engines.

Our highly talented copywriters create posts that are fresh, unique, engaging, and ready to rank. You can supply your own important topics and keywords, or take a completely hands-off approach and let us handle everything for you with our thorough topic and keyword research add-on. Our writers make sure your posts are targeted towards your ideal customers and marketing objectives like increasing targeted buyer search traffic and acquiring backlinks.

Quality and Expertise

We want to differentiate our blog content from our competitors with only the highest quality writing that your customers will engage with. That’s why our writers are all based in the US and Canada and natural English speakers — all experts, who write across a variety of topics and industries. You can always reach out to confirm that we have the expertise for your industry!

This experience and expertise allows us to create content that will gain your customers’ trust and capture their interest, so they come back to your site more often. This helps them come to associate you as an expert in your field, our team is here to make you look good. We combine our expertise in SEO and writing for different industries with clean and easy to read post structure — balancing everything is a delicate art that our writers have mastered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I get to approve the topics?

    Absolutely! When ordering you will define your ideal keywords and any topic ideas you already have, our team will help refine these and present our final topic picks to you. Once we’ve got your approval we get started immediately crafting your blog posts.

  • Can you choose the topics for me?

    Yep! You’re busy, you need content up on the blog ASAP and the creative juices just aren’t flowing? If this sounds like you, then our topic & keyword research add-on is exactly what you need. We will take care of the entire topic selection process, utilizing in-depth keyword research to find gaps in search engines for your content to rank well and drive targeted traffic. You can purchase the topic & keyword research add-on at checkout.

  • What industries/fields can you write for?

    We have worked with clients in any industry you can think of! A sampling of industries we’ve recently written for: Law firms, medical practices, auto repair shops, cigar shops, ocean fishing, charter flights, pet boarding, roofing companies, HVAC installation and repair, marketing firms, garage door companies, and many more.

  • Can you write about my industry?

    Yes! (most likely). Our team of writers have a wide breadth of expertise and experience writing across multiple industries — it’s what helps our blog writing service be so successful for our clients. If we need help, our writers will reach out for feedback on a content outline and speed up the research process by speaking directly with you, the expert. If you’re in a technical or niche industry, feel free to reach out to confirm our writers have the required expertise before ordering!

  • What if I don’t like the article?

    If we deliver an article that does not meet your standards for approval, we will work with you to revise it until it does. We provide up to 2 rounds of revisions at no extra cost if we missed the mark on the first draft. The bottom line is, on the rare occasion our writing doesn’t meet your quality standards then we’ll work with you to make it perfect!

  • Are these posts SEO optimized?

    Yes. The very first thing we do when writing our blog articles is lay the SEO structure with the keywords you’ve selected or had us research. These are then used naturally in the titles, headings, and throughout the blog post for maximum search impact. Taking it a step further, we can apply TF*IDF optimization to your blog post to ensure we’ve evenly covered all relevant keywords throughout the entire piece - just ask!

  • How long are your blog posts? Do you write different lengths?

    Our blog writing service starts at 500 words for a single post, at checkout you can select the exact word count you’re looking for up to thousands of words per post. We recommend starting with 750 to 1000 words so there’s room to craft an amazing post around your topic. Some topics may require more to fully flesh out, while others can be brief. Our end goal is to always make sure our articles are only as long as they need to be to make sure they maintain your customers’ interest and engagement. If you’re unsure on the word count required to create a great post, reach out and our team can help define the best word count for topics in your industry.

  • Can I pick which writers from your team to write my blog articles?

    Blog posts are assigned, based on availability, to the writer with the most expertise on the industry your post is focused around. If you really enjoy the work delivered by a team member, let us know and we’ll match up your future orders to the same writer.

  • Can I see samples of your work?

    Of course, we’re always excited to show off our work. However, as a ghost writing service, client privacy is of utmost importance. Contact us to request a sample, noting the industries you’re looking to get content written for, and we’ll share any relevant examples that we have permission from our customers to show off.

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