Best Local Search Articles of 2016

Best Local Search Articles of 2016

In 2016, there were updates to everything from local search algorithms to Google My Business listings. Several updates to the Google algo in the past year modified the original Local SEO “Possum” update. This update first launched in September and hit those businesses that were targeting far outside of their physical city locations. As a result, ranking in outside cities is now far more difficult than it used to be.

Local search marketers also noticed Google Ads were now appearing on local pack results as of last year. Now that more space is devoted to ads, businesses that aren’t at the top are going to have a tougher time competing for those spaces. What was originally 7 slots became 3, and then 2. However, there are some new ways to get attention. New visible attributes have been added to search listings, and customers can sort results by these attributes.

Google showed plenty of love and attention to Google My Business this year. They tested out a new verification system targeted at locksmiths. The goal may have been to identify and remove fake GMB listings. The GMB profile has also been updated from the classic version, which made it look like more of a social page where your posts are visible to your visitors.

Google is expected to roll out a slew of new updates in 2017. Google MapMaker will be shutting down in March of this year. The big takeaway is that strong local SEO requires more diversification. To be ready for what Google is throwing at us, we’ll need to take advantage of all the search ranking factors like citations, links, reviews, etc.

Here are the most useful articles from the last year in SEO:



10 Ways Local SEOs Can Start Helping Their Clients Get Reviews

Being part of an SEO company, you know full well that your services and effort really have little to no effect when it comes to getting your clients the reviews that they want. Sure, you might be doing pretty well moving your client’s ranking up the ladder, but without good reviews those ranks are only going to be good for the competition. You need to step up your game if you want to prove your worth. Click here to read some things you can do to help your clients earn reviews.



Top 9 reasons Google suspends local listings

Have you see your business listings suddenly suspended? You’re not alone. Tons of other businesses are wondering why their profiles are being suspended without warning. Aren’t you itching to find out why? Brace yourself, because the answer is going to take a little work. First thing first, there are two types of suspension: The first kind of suspension is the soft suspension. This happens when you break some of Google My Business’ rules. When you decide to log in, you’ll find yourself unable to manage your listings. The only way to fix this is to create a new account, re-verify your listings and commit to not breaking any rules. The second type of suspension is the hard suspension. This is a much more serious scenario, where all your listings have been removed. The only way for you to fix this is if you ever get Google to reinstate it. Now, back to the main topic: Why did Google suspend your account? Read more here to find out why.



Leveraging social media for local SEO

An integrated search and social strategy is probably one of the trickiest, yet most important aspects of online marketing. If you’ve been into online marketing for some time, you’re probably already familiar with the use of different social media platforms for digital marketing such as Facebook and Twitter. But there are actually more social platforms that we can use for the sake of our online marketing schemes. Check out here.



Consumer citations are the future of local SEO

A consumer citation is a shoutout regarding a specific brand within an article. And they are just awesome because they add value to your posts. We all know citations are really important in blogging, but nobody ever brings up why they’re considered important in online marketing. Word has gone out that consumer citations are the future of local SEO. Here are the reasons why.



Brief change suggests local SEO ranking factors are different for branded queries

Do you think you got SEO all figured out? Well, you should think again. Google has revolutionized the world of SEO more often than necessary. Word has even gone out that local SEO factors are different for branded queries. What’s the difference between branded and non-branded queries? Branded 3-pack queries are what they call when you type things like Starbucks Seattle in search engines. Non-branded 3 packs occur when you type less specific and more generic keywords in search engines. But what’s different? Find out here.


Other excellent Local Search articles from 2016, well worth your time: 

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You might want to check out some of our videos from last year where we cover all kinds of topics related to Local SEO.

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